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Gov. Scott Walker signs bill banning local government IDs

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MADISON — Gov. Scott Walker has signed a bill that hinders Milwaukee's efforts to provide local photo IDs to the homeless, immigrants in the country illegally and others who have difficulty obtaining state IDs.

The Republican bill prohibits towns and counties from spending money on or issuing photo IDs. It also prohibits using city or village IDs to vote or obtain public benefits, like food stamps.

Thousands of protesters packed the state Capitol in February to protest the bill and another failed proposal that would have banned so-called "sanctuary cities."

Critics call the ID bill anti-immigrant and say it's aimed at Milwaukee city and county plans to issue local IDs to assist with everyday tasks, like opening bank accounts or obtaining prescriptions. The bill's supporters say it will reduce confusion and fraud.


  • Big Man

    The liberals will stop at nothing to cheat, especially in our elections. Good for Scott Walker. Stop them in their tracks. We don’t need city or county I.D’s. Fuels more corruption. If you can’t get a state issued I.D. – too bad !!!!

    • Big Man

      Look who’s in the Democrat party. Let’s start with Obama, then Bill and Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Debbie Blabbermouth Schultz, Al Sharpton, Chuck Shummer, the list goes on and on. And don’t forget Terry McAuliffe the govenor of Virginia who just gave voter rights to over 200,000 convicted felons so they can vote for crooked Hillary. No, no corruption here!!! They ALL signify voter fraud. You have to be blind or a complete idiot not to see what’s going on here. And don’t forget your patron saint of Governors….Jim Doyle who left us taxpayers with a billion $$$$ deficit. Get your facts straight, Chad. Loser ! Thank God for Scott Walker.

    • Big Man

      I’m with you, Stanley. You got it right. Get rid of ’em all. Send them back. If you want to come here, come here legally.

  • Reality

    He demands an ID to vote..
    Does not allow ID’s to be given out to the poor and homeless..
    The poor and homeless disproportionately vote democratic..
    Anyone else setting a connection?

    • Big Man

      I.D.s to the poor and homeless are free. Get your facts straight. The poor and homeless don’t vote anyway. That’s a joke. They want the I.D.’s for the people they bus up from Chicago and pay them to vote. That simple.

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