Gov. Walker plans to unveil more plans to fight chronic wasting disease

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MADISON — Gov. Scott Walker says his administration plans to develop new chronic wasting disease tactics.

Test results last year show 9.4 percent of 3,133 deer were infected, the highest prevalence rate since the ailment was detected in Wisconsin in 2002.

The DNR initially called for thinning the herd as much as possible to stop the disease’s spread but hunters never bought in. The agency has since adopted a new plan that focuses on monitoring. Walker’s staff met with Democratic legislators last week to listen to their ideas, including culling herds around new infection sites and adopting Illinois’ herd reduction plan.

Walker told reporters during a question-and-answer session Monday that the state must do more. He said within the next month his administration will come out with new proposals. He didn’t elaborate.


  • notahypocrite

    They no idea what to do so let’s just kill everything and hope it takes care of the problem. Yeah that’s going to work retreads

  • mikessamplechurchblog

    This is nonsense! There are no doe tags up north again this year, even though numbers are way up due to two no-doe seasons with mild winters. What is happening up by us sets the stage for CWD spreading by letting the population get out of control. Time for Walker to fire his “deer czar” Jim Kroll and let the DNR once again manage the herd. I have never voted for a democrat for governor in WI, but I may start!

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