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Real-life ‘Identity Thief’? Woman driving $125K BMW arrested on slew of charges

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Police arrested Markia Cherise Williams after they spotted her allegedly driving erratically in a $125,000 BMW. (WTIC)

WILLINGTON — Connecticut State Police arrested a Pennsylvania woman on identity theft charges after they stopped a 2016 BMW they said may have been purchased fraudulently.

Officers arrested Markia Cherise Williams, 19, after police observed her driving erratically on I-84 in Willington Sunday afternoon, April 24th around 4 p.m.

When they stopped the BMW X6 M-series, valued at $125,000, they found counterfeit credit cards and numerous fake IDs from Connecticut, Rhode Island and Florida, according to police. Her passenger had no identification.

On paper, the car was purchased in New Jersey a week earlier by someone who lived in Virginia — but police believe that person’s identity may have been stolen to finance the luxury car.

Police reported finding a slew of credit cards, bills and drivers licenses from several states in her possession. (WTIC)

Neither the driver nor the passenger could explain how they ended up in the vehicle or where the registered owner was.

Williams was charged with traveling at an unreasonable speed, credit card theft (five counts), credit card counterfeiting (five counts), identity theft (six counts), and forgery (six counts). The male passenger was not charged at the time, but police said they were still investigating.

She was held on $15,000 bond.


  • Fred

    She must have some ‘smarts’ in order to pull of a scheme like that. Too bad she chose the wrong way to use those smarts. Just goes to show that no mater how smart you are, taking the easy route to achieve is the stupid way.

  • Dolores Brown-solorzano

    there is a lot of this going on because they stole my identity also and started getting things in my name especially tax refund information breached and other stuff so she needs to go to jail for a good long time and pay restitution when ever she gets out

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