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Four suspects from Milwaukee arrested after CCW permit holder robbed during gun sale

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Ashley Furniture in Richfield

RICHFIELD — Officials with the Washington County Sheriff’s Office say a firearm being sold by a 66-year-old CCW permit holder to a buyer in the parking lot of an Ashley Furniture store in Richfield was stolen Tuesday, April 26th — and shots were fired by the seller at the suspects as they fled the scene. Four people were later taken into custody.

Officials say the incident happened around 10:30 a.m.

The 66-year-old Jackson man had made arrangements online to sell a handgun to a buyer in the Ashley Furniture parking lot in Richfield.

Sheriff’s officials say a buyer in this case approached the seller’s vehicle on foot and entered it.

The buyer then began to inspect the firearm, while another male approached the vehicle on foot, and opened the driver’s side of the vehicle armed with a handgun.

The suspect who was armed then threatened the seller with another firearm, and both suspects then fled the scene with the stolen handgun.

The seller, whom officials said is a valid CCW permit holder, then exited his car and retrieved another concealed pistol from the car and shot at least one round towards the suspects that were fleeing.

Responding deputies conducted a canvass of the areas near the parking lot, and were able to obtain descriptions of the suspects and a description of their vehicle.

A vehicle was located in the area of 124th Street and Old Orchard Road in Menomonee Falls by officials with the Germantown Police Department, Wisconsin State Patrol and Menomonee Falls Police Department.

The vehicle was stopped and four suspects were taken into custody — three males, ages 17, 18 and 22 and a 17-year-old female — all of Milwaukee. Officials say the adults have lengthy violent criminal records including a previous conviction for armed robbery.

Officials say evidence was located that ties these suspects to the armed robbery at the Ashley Furniture store.

No one was injured during this incident.


  • Six

    Are you a idoit or simply dumb the punks did armed robbery not just simple stealing a candy bars. People like urk me

  • Such BS

    Yeah let’s just let the loser gang banger losers have illegal guns and take away law abiding citizens rights to protect ourselves. Give the criminals with the lengthy rap sheets who get to roam the streets all the power. You are such a complete liberal idiot. Hope you get robbed or your home invaded or your innocent loved one assaulted when defenseless against these losers. My 23 year old law abiding hard working defenseless daughter got assaulted by a pack of black “she boon” teens in Milwaukee and I wish to God she was packing a gun and blew away their pathetic asses.

  • Hate stupid people

    Yep let’s let the thugs run free continuing to commit crimes but let’s lock up an innocent fella just trying to sell something. You are so incredibly stupid it’s scary!

    • FS

      You are utterly ridiculous!!!!! Oh so the guy was supposed to do a background check first or racial profile them as they drove up before selling to these hoodlums? If he did that then the losers would cry discrimination and some idiot greedy lawyer would sue him for racism.

      • JokeEnthusiast

        Yes, he should be required to do a background check…like any other licensed gun seller. Unfortunately he isn’t required to as it was a personal sale. This stupid loophole needs to be closed. THIS IS HOW FELONS GET GUNS.

        Racial profiling? Where are you getting this from? No one said anything about race/profiling or anything like that. You created that scenario in your own mind to further your point. You’re bad at arguing.

      • FS

        The point is as the laws stand now this guy did nothing wrong with trying to sell his gun and has no legal requirement or reasonable means to do a background check as a private seller. So he is being unfairly ripped on for not being a stand up guy? I don’t disagree at all with closing this loophole but this guy isn’t to blame for the laws.

      • JokeEnthusiast

        I’m not blaming him at all FS. It’s unfortunate that this happened. The law needs a change, that’s all.

        Or if not, the police should create a safe spot for these types of sales to go down. They’d probably start advocating for background checks more vigorously then.

      • FS

        We are on the same page. The stupid comment from Staticphear on selling to felons and him not being a stand up guy is what I have the problem with.

      • A.

        Idiot. Do your homework. Get names, numbers and addresses before the transaction. Look up histories, check references, and never show up first. In addition, the seller broke the law and should lose his CCW permit. You don’t fire at someone running away from you…irresponsible all the way around.

    • Rem

      The sad fact is that the stats on the black population in Milwaukee and level of crimes and arrests is scary and makes it harder and harder to give benefit of the doubt to the minority of Milwaukee blacks that are law abiding and respectful of property and other people.

  • Klaatu

    The gun range is just down the road from Ashley across HWY 145 from Cabela’s. That’s the location I would have chosen to do the transaction – everyone there has a loaded weapon. I doubt the hoodlums would have had the nads to try and rip off the guy in there.

  • GR

    It’s gun owners like this seller that make all responsible gun owners, buyers, and sellers look bad. First, selling a gun to another Wisconsin resident in a private transaction is completely legal. No background check is required, however, a seller should know who he is selling to because it is illegal to knowingly sell to a felon, or in this case someone under 18 if a handgun, or if not a Wisconsin resident.

    Rather than do his homework by finding out the residency status and criminal status of his buyer, this seller chose to fail at his civic duty by not obtaining these details so he couldn’t be held accountable because he “didn’t knowingly” sell to a felon or other violent criminal. If he would’ve done his homework he would’ve presumably found out about the criminal record and hopefully avoided the sale. It’s very easy to ask for your buyer’s name, run it in CCAP to find out if they have any sort of record and make your decision to sell to them or not. At least at that point you have proof you did your homework to find out if your buyer is prohibited. It is very likely the buyer(s) could’ve fed him a fake name prior to the transaction, however the first order of business should’ve been to check an ID.

    Further, you think the seller would have a little more situation awareness as to keep an eye on a car full of people meeting him. If you can’t tell four people are about to commit an armed robbery or something is off (ie you don’t have their name, or know if they are a WI resident) then you have no business selling firearms to anyone. Finally, if someone is holding/robbing you at gunpoint, you have a reason to defend yourself, however, when it is over and they are fleeing, you don’t go retrieve another firearm and open fire on a fleeing vehicle and escalate the situation when there is no longer a threat to your life – that’s reckless. All parties put lives in danger in this situation and this firearms seller was no responsible seller or CCW holder.

    Moral of the story? Don’t sell guns alone, only sell to CCW holders so you know they’re not a felon, and stop recklessly shooting at people running away when there is no longer a threat to your life.

    • Sick&Tired

      As a responsible CCW holder I have to agree with GR’s comments. Furthermore , any gun I have could be easily traceable back to me so I would make damn sure to the best of my ability to make sure of who I was selling too. JokeEnthusiast mentioned the word racist, but I agree with REM’s sentiment. I don’t call it racist , I call it being a realist . Your damn right I would have profiled , and if a car load of obvious thugs roll up I’m out of there , I owe no one anything , common sense wins the day!!!

    • Sadsituation

      Im going to say this because as a person of color , CCW holder, Veteran I don’t deal with others that don’t have CCW. If I would of seen 4 people in a car coming to buy a gun , I would of left myself. I doesn’t take 4 people to buy a loaf of bread so why should it take 4 people to buy a gun.

      • WutDixLibsR

        I like your idea. Not that I’m ever selling any of my guns, when I choose a gun, it’s for keeps. but for anyone that is selling a gun, that would be the best way, tell the buyer ahead of time you won’t sell to anyone that doesn’t have a CCW,

  • Peter Hurts

    You have to be 21 to buy or posses a hand gun! As a citizen of the USA you can sell a firearm to any other citizen of the USA… you do not have to be a resident of WI .

    • GR

      Respectfully, you are wrong. You must be 21 to buy a handgun from a licensed dealer, but 18 to buy from a private seller and to possess. And no, you cannot sell to any USA citizen unless through a licensed dealer. If you privately sell a firearm to someone other than a citizen of your state such as the case in WI, you are guilty of federal interstate firearms trafficking.

  • A.

    No one is talking about the fact that he fired a shot at a FLEEING suspect. That’s a felony, and he should lose his CCW. Period.

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