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Popular Grafton music teacher, coach removed from the classroom, and it’s not clear why

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GRAFTON -- After 40 years on the job, a popular teacher and coach was removed from the classroom in Grafton. Grafton School District officials placed him on paid administrative leave.

"He is just an absolute treasure," Sue Meinecke said. "Just an amazing man."

"He always makes (learning) exciting," a student of Maronde said.

Bob Maronde

Bob Maronde

Bob Maronde isn't just a music teacher at Woodview Elementary School in Grafton. He also coaches basketball at Grafton High School.

After taking the girls to the state championship twice, Maronde is now working on rebuilding the boys team.

Bob Maronde

Bob Maronde

Many parents in Grafton told FOX6 News they remember when Maronde was their teacher. Some said they were shocked to learn the beloved teacher was removed from his classroom.

"My principal came in and said 'you guys aren't having music,'" a student of Maronde said.

Students told FOX6 News Maronde disappeared from class last Monday, April 18th.

By telephone, Maronde told FOX6 News he is not currently allowed back. His lawyer confirmed for FOX6 that Maronde is on paid administrative leave.

Why, is still not entirely clear.

"People are concerned. They are concerned because not only are they missing their great music teacher, but also just concerned for him as a person," Sue Meinecke said.

Grafton School District

Some parents said school officials took action over the way Maronde disciplined a student.

School district officials said they do not comment on personnel matters.

A Facebook page has been created, where parents, and current and former students have shared messages of support.

Bob Maronde

Bob Maronde

"This is just to show how much we love him, and how much this community supports him," Meinecke said.

Parents said they hope to learn more about what happened, as student said they are crossing their finger their teacher returns to the classroom.

"He needs to -- because I don't like subs in music," a student of Maronde said.

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  • Daniel

    When i was in 5th grade in 1998 seen him hit a kid when i went there and aggressively grabbed him by the collar, he has anger management issues. His wife is also super rude and was really inappropriate, she had no tolerance for kids and yelled a lot, i feel both spouses were in the wrong field.

    • Thomas Port

      This is from a parent of one of his students….”I am a mother of one of Mr. Maronde’s current students. I am also a former student of the Grafton Education System and have known Mr. Maronde my entire life. I was friends with his son, and he instilled a passion of music in me early on. I think it is important to share what happened and why we have all come together in support of Bob Maronde.

      On Friday last week my son came home and looked at me from the backseat of my car and proceeded to tell me with tears in his eyes that Bob Maronde was no longer teaching at Woodview. When I asked him who told him this he said kids were talking about it. I then called the school. The Secretary told me she knew nothing and that she was told to tell anyone who asked he was placed on administrative leave.

      On Monday my son came home again tears in his eyes and said that the Spring concert was now being canceled. I sent an email to both Dr. Lightner and Mr. McMahon. No response. I then called Maronde’s home phone and spoke to Mrs. Maronde.

      She expressed her gratitude for my reaching out. She also shared that she has never seen her husband so upset about a situation. She shared with me that Two kids were messing around with some musical instruments and he asked them to stop several times. The two boys began to fight and again Bob asked them both to stop they did not stop. He was afraid someone was gonna get hurt. He walked over to the two boys took the instruments out of their hands and threw them. He then took the boys in his office and when he closed the door it slammed shut. He explained to both the boys why he took the instruments away and how it could have really hurt someone and they were not listening.

      Because of the legal issues now around this because of how the district is treating the situation She was unable to comment further. She asked me to please rally the public to support our beloved music teacher And this page was created by Sue And I am standing with her on this in support of a man who changed my son’s life. A man who has changed all our lives. He deserves better then how they are treating him.

      Situations like this are happening all over our state. Teachers have their hands full and need support from parents more now then ever.
      If you are wondering what you can do to help. Support these teachers. Write the district. Write to the school board. Send Bob Maronde a letter expressing your support. He needs it.

      One last thing. This site was created to be a place of support for Bob Maronde. For us to share our stories and talk to each other. It is not meant for anything else. I felt we needed to be clear what facts we do know.

      And as of yesterday the district nor the principle could give any information at all, understandable.

      But as a mother, my child should have not been the one to tell me his teacher was getting let go. I as a mother feel an adult should have given the parents a heads up. Someone should have made a statement. The break of communication is an issue.

      Hope this sheds some light on the matter and gives you all some insight on what actually happened. And again because this is a legal matter that is all that could be shared. “

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