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24-year-old man found with valid CCW permit charged after shots fired incident near 29th & Concordia

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MILWAUKEE COUNTY — A 24-year-old Milwaukee man is charged, accused of shooting at Milwaukee police officers on Thursday evening, April 21st near 29th and Concordia.

Tremaine Smith

Tremaine Smith

Tremaine Smith of Milwaukee is facing one count of first degree recklessly endangering safety, use of a dangerous weapon.

According to the criminal complaint, on April 21st, around 8:30 p.m., officers with MPD’s Neighborhood Task Force were taking two people into custody and recovering a firearm when they heard more gunfire.

Officers heard several gunshots fired in rapid succession near an alleyway between 29th Street and 28th Street, and several “muzzle flashes” coming from the gangway.

Individuals were seen fleeing the area after observing a squad car.

The complaint indicates there were more than 40 spent 9mm casings found in the area. Police also found a glove and black hooded sweatshirt.

An officer who was standing at the corner of 28th Street and Concordia noted that he heard one gunshot followed by two more gunshots — and spotted a van and a Chevrolet Impala headed northbound in the area, with three to four muzzle flashes coming from the driver’s side of the Impala.

When the officer approached N. 29th Street, he observed three black males running to the southeast corner of 29th and Concordia. These people pointed and told the officer: “They’re shooting over there.”

The complaint indicates officers ran into the alley and in between some yards, where three people were stopped.

An officer heard additional shots and it sounded like one shooter at that time.

An officer observed a black male standing in front of a home near 29th and Concordia.

The complaint indicates the person had a black semi-automatic handgun in his right hand, and he was observed firing six to seven gunshots.

An officer noted that it appeared that this person was shooting at someone running north.

One officer, fearing for his safety and for the safety of other officers and the citizens he had observed that were running in the area, fired approximately six to seven shots at the suspect.

The suspect then took off running.

When Smith was taken into custody after a chase, the complaint indicates he said “I’m CCW.” Officers located a valid CCW permit in Smith’s wallet.

The complaint indicates Smith asked the officers what he was being arrested for, and he was told it was for the shots fired incident. The complaint says Smith said: “Someone can shoot at you, but you can’t shoot back?”

Police spoke with a witness, who indicated she heard a series of gunshots on the evening of April 21st in the area near 29th and Concordia, and saw a group of around 15 people running towards her. She also saw a group of police officers.

This witness indicated three of the people in the group of 15 were armed with handguns.

The witness said the three armed individuals were firing their handguns in the direction of the police officers, with one of the officers returning fire.

The witness said some of the people in the group of 15 entered vehicles and fled the scene, while others continued running.

Police say the witness indicated she did not know where the armed individuals went.

When Smith was interviewed by police, the complaint says he indicated on the evening of April 21st, he was “riding past his house,” headed north on 29th Street from Auer towards Concordia when he heard gunshots, and noticed people on foot were firing — so he got out of his car and fired some shots of his own. Smith said he “saw some people with guns,” and “when he ran, he ran into police.”

Smith said he then put his 9mm Springfield handgun down, and was taken into custody.

Smith told officers he got out of his car and fired shots from his weapon “because his family lives in the area and he wanted to protect them.”

Smith said he “only shot twice,” according to the complaint. He said his magazine “may have less rounds in it because he sometimes goes to the range.”

The complaint indicates Smith told officers that he ran from officers because he saw shots being fired north of him.

Smith denied seeing anyone firing shots from a vehicle.

Smith made his initial appearance in court in this case on Wednesday, April 27th. The court found probable cause to hold Smith for further proceedings in this case. A preliminary hearing was scheduled for May 4th.

A signature bond was set at $2,500.

An officer suffered minor injuries during this incident from a fall. The officer was treated and released from the hospital and was expected to be OK.


  • looking_like_a_fool

    Smith says he was riding past his house, when he heard gunshots, and noticed people on foot were firing — so he got out of his car and fired some shots of his own.

    And WHY did he fire shots??
    “because his family lives in the area and he wanted to protect them.”

    You dummy! A CCW isn’t a license to spread carnage willy-nilly! You can kiss that license goodbye!!

  • KaitiLu

    The anti-gunners will be all over this thanks to an irresponsible Ex-CCW holder. They make safety and the law quite clear if you bother to pay attention in class.

  • Curly

    BTW, I hope everyone noted that this CCW holder did not get shot by police even though he appears to be a minority. Also notice that he said that he put the weapon down when approached by the police. As most police would rather not shoot anyone because of the hassle it causes as well as the danger to them and to others around them. Now if someone does not do that then they should expect to get shot.
    My comments does not consider if this person is guilty or not of shooting in this case.

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