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Bernie Sanders’ campaign laying off more than 200 workers

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Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders’ campaign is laying off more than 200 workers, campaign manager Jeff Weaver said Wednesday.

The campaign is downsizing from its current 550-member team to between 325 to 350 workers, said Weaver, who added that at one point the Sanders’ staff numbered more than 1,000.

The decision follows a bad night for Sanders, in which he lost four out of five East Coast states that voted on Tuesday.

“The calendar is coming closer to the end and there are not that many states going forward … it’s the natural evolution of every campaign,” Weaver told CNN.

Sanders announced the layoffs in an interview with The New York Times.

“It will be hundreds of staff members,” Sanders told the Times. “We have had a very large staff, which was designed to deal with 50 states in this country; 40 of the states are now behind us. So we have had a great staff, great people.”

Weaver said staffers in the five states that voted Tuesday — Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and Connecticut — will be affected, as well as workers in other states and some members of the national staff. Weaver explained that because the majority of the layoffs affect field workers, there are fewer national staff members needed to manage them.

He added that no advance staffers were affected.

Earlier Wednesday, a Sanders adviser told CNN that the layoffs were a natural progression for the campaign considering that they already had staff in California, which votes on June 7.

The Sanders campaign operation multiplied in size after his fundraising exploded earlier this year, hiring staffers across the country. With only 14 contests remaining, the adviser said, there just wasn’t a need for all the field workers.

But it’s a blunt acknowledgment that Sanders is not preparing for the long haul and no longer needs such a robust staff. The campaign also is uncertain whether its fundraising success will continue given the trajectory of the race, and senior advisers concluded it was time to downsize back to a smaller scale.


  • Liberal

    Bernie America needs you to erraticate all the gun wielding redneck rascists. Multicultural anti white is what America needs to be.

  • basketballtalkworld

    ATTENTION EVERYONE*** Please share! DISGUS and some other Comment ORGANIZATIONS are BLOKING US TO MAKE COMMENTS on their Bias News , Hillarie’s TROLL are making complains and THEY ARE kicking us out.

    There are a lot of mainstream media reports going around of Bernie’s campaign cutting staff. This is NORMAL. They are trying to break your spirits down because Bernie is polling better and better in California. They’re trying to crush our momentum.

    With 40 of the states now behind us, the campaign has to use their resources wisely in the next 10 states (and 4 territories). Buying ad time in places like California is very expensive. All the more reason to donate even more right now. This is a grassroots campaign and depends on all of us.

    The campaign will be re-hiring all of these staff members if we win the nomination at the convention, which will be contested! PLEASE SEND BERNIE SENDERS FEW DOLLARS, $10-$20-$30 anything you can KEEP the POLITICAL REVOLUTION FORWARD , NO STOPPING BERNIE AND HIS SUPPORTERS. Thank You

  • Mike

    There’s no need to cut staffers. Just take some of the pay from the ones you are keeping and give it to the ones you need to let go. I’m sure, since they support Bernie, that they will understand the need to give some of their salary to the staffers who are no longer working in the states where the primaries are done.

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