Is your calendar cluttered? Tips to help you spring clean your schedule

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MILWAUKEE -- Chances are your house has undergone a good spring cleaning already -- but what about your schedule? Clutter coach Kathi Miller joins Real Milwaukee to help you clear the clutter from your calendar.

Spring Clean Your Schedule
I. Time and Money - Same terms: waste, spend, invest.

II. To Spring Clean your schedule, analyze the return on your investment, ROI, of the ways
you currently spend and waste your time.

III. Take responsibility for managing your time and be honest with yourself about it.

Procrastinating - requires conscious effort to NOT do something and is stressful.

Binge-watching movies - entertaining or a form of procrastination?

Social Media - Who do you follow and why? How much time are you spending?

Organization or Activity - Are there any you dread?

Spring clean them off your schedule!

  • Hauling kids to activities vs spending time together as a family.
  • Interacting with family and friends - Spend more time with the people who provide a positive return on your investment of time.
  • Cleaning, maintaining and creating order - Have a nice home to come home to.
  • Exercising and preparing healthy meals - You don`t have to like it, you can just like the results of having done it!