“Let me wake up out of this nightmare:” Loved ones devastated after mother shot by two-year-old son

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MILWAUKEE -- Loved ones on Wednesday evening, April 27th gathered in Milwaukee to remember a young mother who was shot and killed by her own two-year-old son, whom officials said got hold of a gun and fired from the backseat of a vehicle his mother was driving on Highway 175 -- shooting his mother in the back, and fatally wounding her.

26-year-old Patrice Price was killed in the incident.

Patrice Price

Patrice Price

Curtis Sloan

Curtis Sloan

"Devastated. Today is kind of unreal," Curtis Sloan said.

Sloan is Price's ex-boyfriend, and the father of one of her children. He was one of many who gathered near 37th and Custer in Milwaukee to remember Price.

"Just kind of in the state of 'let me wake up out of this nightmare,'" Sloan said.

The nightmare began on Tuesday morning, around 10:30 a.m.

Investigators say Price's two-and-a-half-year-old son was able to get hold of a gun that apparently slid from under the driver's seat of the vehicle Price was driving. Price's son fired into his mother's back.

The gun reportedly belonged to Price's boyfriend, who works at a security guard.

According to the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office, deputies found a security officer’s gun belt, belonging to Patrice Price's boyfriend, on the floor of the front passenger seat.  The 40-caliber firearm was found on the floor of the back seat behind the driver’s seat.

Child gets hold of gun in car, shoots and kills woman driving vehicle on Highway 175

Child gets hold of gun in car, shoots and kills woman driving vehicle on Highway 175

Price's one-year-old child and Price's mother were in the front seat of the vehicle. They were not hurt.

Sloan had to break the news of his mother's loss to their seven-year-old daughter.

"What do you say? It's just been really, really, really hard to look at her and to see that even when she smiles, she's hurting," Sloan said.

Andre Price

Andre Price

Patrice Price's father, Andre Price told FOX6 News he is holding onto memories of his daughter.

"That smile, the generosity she has in her heart..." Andre Price said.

"With God and Patrice's legacy and the love that she had for everyone, she will live on through all of us and we'll make sure of that," Sloan said.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said the entire city was shocked by this incident.

"Any time you have a two or three-year-old with a gun and something like this happens, I think everyone`s heart is broken," Barrett said.

Vigil for Patrice Price

Vigil for Patrice Price

Vigil for Patrice Price

Vigil for Patrice Price

There are two funds that have been set up in honor of Patrice Price.

The "Patrice Price Memorial Fund" has been established at Educators Credit Union to raise money for Price's three children.

A GoFundMe.com account has been set up to raise money for burial costs.


  • Simon says

    Typical bigot cracker comments expressing there subconcious hate conciously! Sad thing is, they stay behind a keyboard to express it because they are cowards!

    • Liberty

      Comments of this nature were popping up on previous stories long before the general public knew anything about thr race of the deceased. Some of us Milwaukee as just get very angry about a situation like this because we can forsee that this preventable tragedy will be used anecdotally to justify compromises on the gun rights of responsible individuals. These statements, while incredibly brash and rude, are simply defensive in light of that possibility. I think, if many could be less defensive, you would see that all think that the loss of this young woman is a terrible tragedy. I especially feel for her young son, and hope he is raised to know that his heart was innocent in this matter, and that he should feel no guilt. The responsibility for this tragedy lies with thr many adults who could each have made one or two simple decisions that would have kept him from having to go through this.

    • Wilson

      Simon is the bigoted racist here. Note his calling people crackers. Neither previous comment mentioned her race and it doesn’t matter as I would say the same thing regardless of what race she was.

  • CarefulGunOwner

    I hope he looses his job for being so careless with a weapon. Smh. If these kids were PROPERLY restrained that would have never happened. And I hope that’s a typo about the kid being in the front with the grandmother. Lawd Jesus

  • Liberty

    Here’s my comments on those…I wish Hastert could have been given more time. He deserved it. Im looking forward to one of his victims winning thr lawsuit for millions in compensation. The victim that revealed his identity and took the stand is thr real hero of this case.

    In regard to the Ohio incident…I didn’t bother to read it once I saw it was not local and involved illegal marijuana growing operations. Illegal drug activity often brings violence and death. Nothing new about that except it had a rural venue. It’s not a tragedy of an innocent family being killed, it’s a forseeable criminal consequence. I’m not going to get all hot and bothered about it just because it was out in the country, rather than in a city.

  • Lashonda

    I agree with you but my heart still hurts. I hate when grown adults make such horrendous decisions. a gun flopping around in a car ?? how does the owner not think ….hold up, my guns in there… let me remove it before I loan my car. the moms decision to have such small kids in car without being in car seats….my goodness people. what the hell do you expect when you make fkd up choices like this?

  • 40 something employer

    extremely suspicious, a two year old was able to get the gun out of the belt and then had the strength and dexterity to pull the trigger. but at least they had a vigil for her, that makes everything better

    • This Country is Full of Liberals... we're doomed...

      Ha…. and might I add, of course the two year old had the physical prowess and ability to pull the trigger… I’m thinking if need be, the child probably knew how to load the gun already…. now we’ll get to hear all about how guns need to be banned in the city and guns are bad mm’kay… and of course, it’s the guns fault… it has nothing to do with a succession of poor decision making by all parties involved, especially a victim who doesn’t even buckle her kids into car seats, you know… because it’s obvious this woman cared so much about the safety of her children… 3 kids, at least two daddy’s, but you know, again, a gun…. SMDH. We don’t need stricter gun laws… we need to start euthanizing morons….

    • Dede

      I a sensitive to what I see everyday in the intercity as to children who have no chance to become productive healthy citizens because most are being raised primarily by ignorant uneducated single moms ~ who have never learned proper parenting skills, are terrible roles models, don’t display common sense, and have no healthy support structures. This cycle needs to be broken or there will continue to be more kids dying as a result of their parent’s incompetency.

    • Lorett

      Typical. Instead of getting angry and offended why not put the energy to break the senseless cycle going around in the inner city?

    • Really

      Common sense isn’t soo common these days! Just doesn’t make sense that children 1 and 2 years old not secured in car seats ??? A gun rolled and child had know with all to point, pull trigger???

    • Sharry Adams

      Yes yes. This is what the evil cave people do. They leave nasty racist comments to make themselves feel better. My condolences goes out to the family of the beautiful young mother.

  • tk421

    This statement by the mayor pretty much sums up his ignorance and stupidity, “Any time you have a two or three-year-old with a gun and something like this happens, I think everyone`s heart is broken,” Barrett said. OK….just look at this statement…..”Anytime……you have a 2 or 3 year old with a gun”….WTF!?!?!?!!? Thanks mayor….Killwaukee takes another life and all the mayor can reflect on is how “common ” it is for things like this to happen, people should be outraged!

  • Reagan 84

    STFU Mayor McTrolley,you dumbass Libtard. You gonna blame the gun again,instead of negligence by the gun owner and the mom/grandma for not putting both kids in the “required” car seats? The child most likely wouldn’t of been able to grab the gun had it of been in the car seat the child was supposed to be in. The gun never should of been in the car to begin with!!

  • KaitiLu

    My condolences to the friends and family of this woman. Mistakes were made, but condemning her will not change things now. Let her rest in peace and allow the family to grieve. Perhaps the event will cause others more awareness of safety of children in vehicles and firearms. The gathering of friends and family at the vigil is beautiful.
    (my preachy side: Perhaps a fund for education of Patrice’s children rather than Mylar balloons would be more eco-friendly and helpful at the same time?)

  • liberal

    Ban the guns. Had there not been a gun to be had she would be alive. Guns kill period! Rid America of guns and gun right activist.

    • Huh

      Liberal you should go live in Australia or England where they do not allow guns and why don’t you report back when you can’t defend yourself from every day criminals who don’t give a rats ass about guns laws.

  • Huh

    So, Maybe Fox6 is reporting this wrong. Some discrepancy with this statement.

    Investigators say Price’s two-and-a-half-year-old son was able to get hold of a gun that apparently slid from under the driver’s seat of the vehicle Price was driving. Price’s son fired into his mother’s back.
    According to the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office, deputies found a security officer’s gun belt, belonging to Patrice Price’s boyfriend, on the floor of the front passenger seat. The 40-caliber firearm was found on the floor of the back seat behind the driver’s seat.

    So the gun was found behind the driver seat make sense since she was shot from behind, but how does the belt end up in the front passenger seat? Also, who is reporting the incident that occurred inside the car?
    Why is a loaded firearm rolling around in a vehicle. Sad situation that could have been easily prevented.. 1. Car seat for children, 2. Gun locked in the vehicle. or not in vehicle at all.

    • KaitiLu

      I don’t see the discrepancy you speak of. The gun could have slid from the gunbelt. under the passenger seat to the rear where the child picked it up, moved to the driver’s side and fired. The recoil could have caused him to drop it behind the driver’s seat. My question is whether the gun was in the holster in the first place. Doesn’t really matter where it started, I guess. It wasn’t secured out of the reach of the child. I’m not anti-gun and I don’t fear them, but I respect them enough that if present, they are in the forefront of my mind. My guess is that whatever questions we have pale to the questions of those involved and grieving. I hope lessons are learned from this tragedy by all who are reading this article.

  • Bruce Steinberg

    This is why we need strict gun laws with mandatory gun safety classes. The very first law should be morons can not own weapons if your IQ is lower then 100 you might want to think your too stupid to know how to handle a weapon.

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