“The third time:” Exotic animals removed from Jeremy Loveland’s home after he was bitten by snake

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ST. FRANCIS -- St. Francis police were notified on Tuesday, April 26th that Jeremy Loveland, a resident on S. Clement Avenue in St. Francis was being treated for a venomous snake bite at a hospital. Officers investigated the report and it was determined there were exotic animals in Loveland's home.

Jeremy Loveland

Jeremy Loveland

The Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission (MADACC) was contacted to remove those animals.

The animals, including four-foot-long alligators, a three-foot-long lizard, several venomous snakes and a couple of arachnids were removed from the home on Wednesday.


Jeremy Loveland's name may be familiar to you because in 2013, he was sentenced to serve two years of probation after pleading guilty to disorderly conduct, domestic abuse and use of dangerous weapon. This, after he allegedly threatened to chop off his grandfather’s head with a Samurai sword.

Jeremy Loveland

Jeremy Loveland

In 2012, police recovered 23 knives, swords and a shotgun from Loveland’s St. Francis room inside his grandparents' home. They also found 30 snakes and spiders; many of them venomous. The animals were taken to MADACC.

In 2011, Loveland made news when one of his venomous snakes bit him and he nearly died. He was saved by the antidote he kept in the refrigerator.

On Tuesday, April 26, it happened again. Loveland was bitten by a venomous snake, and a picture shared by his neighbor shows that the injury was significant.

Jeremy Loveland

Jeremy Loveland

"A water moccasin is what got him in the cheek and he took a razor blade and sliced it open to get the venom out and he`s got a really bad scar," Judy Osorio said.

Osorio said she used to be close with Loveland and his grandparents.

"Oh yeah. My son saw big snakes over there and stuff like that," Osorio said.

And this isn't the first time Loveland has been in trouble because of his animals.

"This is the third time. It`s getting a little tiresome -- but it doesn`t really surprise me that much. I don`t think it surprises anybody down here. This is his way of getting notoriety I think. I think he enjoys all the publicity," Loveland said.

Officials with the Milwaukee County Zoo on Wednesday stopped by MADACC to take a look at some of the animals.

A licensed exotic animal owner in Illinois may also adopt some of them.

None will be returned to Loveland. The City of St. Francis does not allow these types of exotic animals.


  • Monsta Robinson

    if this person was informed the ASPCA would take his creatures at a discount and he would be able to keep his favorite few do you think this might make a positive impact…?

  • Barbara

    Unfortunately this is the only side that people normally see of the reptile hobby. Don’t blame the snake…. Question how this guy got bit on the face. We do things every day that have the potential to harm us, like driving cars. But when there’s an accident, we ask questions, and don’t blame the cars but blame the people driving them. The animals do no wrong… It falls on poor handling and care and lack of respect for the animal itself.

    • Steph

      unfortunately, venemous snakes are way cheaper to buy than most other snakes. you can get a rattle snake under 100$
      the same goes for vipers and cobras :(
      this guy is an idiot and authorities should have a constant eye on him with visits to seize any futer animals he gets his hand on. Bone heads like him will keep getting animals like that because it makes them feel superior. They get a kick out of having and showing off something that can kill. Maybe he will get a black mamba next and it will be the last time he gets tagged..

  • That Taylor Girl

    This is sad, not for the young man in question, but for the animals. Within reason reptiles make fantastic pets and can be quite wonderful, interactive animals. But there is to much of an availability for the more dangerous of species to get into hands like this young man’s. As a proud reptile owner myself, this makes me worry that someday I may not be able to keep my 100% harmless, tame, wonderful pets because of people’s stupidity, mishandling, and open misrepresentation. I wish the hobby could better itself rather than be known only for people like this. (Also his behavior is atrocious and we decent keepers don’t want ilk like him in our hobby.)

  • Wilson

    Funny that this lowlife POS doesn’t live in his mommy’ basement he lives in grandpa’s basement cause mommy kicked his sorry arse out!! What a LOSER!!!

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