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Police: 32-year-old Milwaukee man shot and killed near 68th and Florist

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32-year-old Milwaukee man shot and killed near 68th and Florist

MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee police say a 32-year-old man was killed in a shooting that happened on Wednesday evening, April 27th.

It happened around 6:30 p.m. near 68th and Florist.

Police say the victim, identified as 32-year-old Prarie Kelly, was seated in a vehicle when he was approached by a male suspect. An argument ensued, and the suspect produced a handgun and shot the victim before fleeing the scene on foot.

The victim was taken to the hospital where he died.

Police are investigating a possible motive and seeking the suspect.

This is Milwaukee’s 36th homicide in 2016.


  • Maranda

    Milwaukee is way too out of control. The police is not doing their job at all. They need to declare Marshall law in that city and the feds need to get there and clean it up. Milwaukee use to be a nice place to live. I’m moving my parents out of that awful place

    • Clavius

      Maranda every minority white community in this country is a hell hole filled with angry evil blacks, move your parents to a majority white neighborhood where community values are rightous and the residents have respect for the land and neighbors. If your not white, learn how to separate yourself from the evil blacks, cut them off completly , associate yourself with good blacks (not common but the do exist)

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