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Bob Maronde will not be returning to Woodview Elementary in Grafton — and we now know why

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GRAFTON -- After more than 40 years in the classroom, a popular Grafton teacher will not be returning to Woodview Elementary School. And it appears the reason why involves a kazoo.

The superintendent of the Grafton School District said this in a statement issued to FOX6 News on Wednesday, April 27th:

Mr. Bob Maronde will not be returning as a music teacher at Woodview Elementary School.  The district has made this decision after an investigation into matters brought to the district’s attention.  The district interviewed students and Mr. Maronde about the matter.  Due to confidentiality and privacy rights of individuals including Mr. Maronde, the district is not willing to disclose details of the matter to the public.

Thank you for your understanding.
Dr. Mel Lightner

FOX6 News was told Maronde will be on paid administrative leave for the remainder of this school year. He will not be returning to the classroom.

He will not be offered a contract for next school year.

Bob Maronde

Bob Maronde

"It's hard. I can't tell you how hard it is," Maronde said.

Maronde on Wednesday shared his side of the story with FOX6 News. He said earlier in April, in his classroom, two fifth-grade boys weren't listening.

Maronde said while briefly separating them from the rest of the class, a door he closed made a lot of noise. Then, at the end of class, Maronde said he saw a third boy holding a kazoo near another student's eye.

"I immediately reached down and grabbed it as quickly as I can, and pulled it away. As soon as I started to pull away, I didn't have a grip, and the kazoo went flying off into the wild blue yonder," Maronde said.

Maronde said he didn't think much of the incidents until he was asked by the superintendent to resign.

"I teach them 'don't give up, don't quit.' So we decided I would not sign the resignation," Maronde said.

Woodview Elementary School

Woodview Elementary School

Those who know Maronde admit he can have a temper -- not only as a teacher, but as a basketball coach at Grafton High School.

"Yes -- I will yell at basketball games and do all that. But there is a big difference between coaching in a basketball game and teaching eight, nine and 10-year-old kids," Maronde said.

Bob Maronde

Bob Maronde

Maronde is adamant he did not lose his cool in the classroom.

"I've been teaching 40 years and I have never, never, never once been called in for what's happened in my music classroom. Never.  This is the first time," Maronde said.

Grafton School District

Maronde told FOX6 News he was offered a deal -- where he would resign, and be allowed to coach the basketball team at Grafton High School for one more year.

He did not agree to that.

Instead, he will be on administrative leave with pay until the end of this school year.

He will not be offered a contract for next school year.

A Facebook page has been created, where parents, and current and former students have shared messages of support for Maronde.

Bob Maronde

Bob Maronde

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  • Older and bolder

    This is outrageous. In 1944, eighteen year old kids voluntarily signed up to storm the beaches of Normandy knowing they may die to save many from oppression. Today administrators cave to the safe space millennial cowards of the politically correct. The school spineless administrator should resign and ask for forgiveness for destroying a mans reputation. I know one thing, the teacher will walk out with his head high and with honor. You want to know whats wrong with this country.. the liberal left’s war on society.


  • Klaatu

    The Liberal Agenda scores another victory – pushing the people of this country further into the spineless abyss of cowardly consent. What’s next? Change all the rules so nobody ever has their feelings hurt anymore.

  • Michael Neils

    So if the teacher hadn’t grabbed the kazoo and the kid HAD jabbed the other kid in the eye with that kazoo, the teacher would have heard about that too. I bet suing would have been involved-probably the kid doing the jabbing doing the suing too. Why even teach anymore-just a bunch of spoiled little curtain climbers that end up being spoiled teenagers-some jack cars and other have their mommy whisk them off to mexico to avoid charges.

  • laura

    Grafton school administration should grow a set of balls. What’s the punishment the kids involved received for screwing around? The parents of those 3 boys should be ashamed for what they caused over whinning about something so rediculous. Your kids have a whole lot worse things that are gonna happen in life than a door slamming and having there kazoo taken away. Your raising a generation crybaby sissies that will be living in your basement at 30 so mommy and daddy can take care of them. Maybe next week at school they can whine about being bullied for getting the music teacher left go after 40 years. How pathetic!

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