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After teen pushed by teacher’s aide in viral video, one family says he shouldn’t have been at school

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BAY VIEW -- A Bay View High School teacher's aide was criminally charged and fired from his job after he was caught on camera pushing a 14-year-old boy inside a classroom on April 20th. One family says the teenage boy seen in the video shouldn't have been in the classroom.

The video went viral -- and made headlines nationwide.

It shows the former teacher's aide, Jasmine Pennix, pushing the teenager whom, FOX6 News has learned, was before a judge for sentencing just a week prior.

Bay View video

Jasmine Pennix

Jasmine Pennix

Pennix has been charged with physical abuse of a child, and fired by Milwaukee Public Schools officials.

Debra and Thomas Burkholder say their lives were impacted by the 14-year-old boy involved in this incident. They say their loved one was attacked by the 14-year-old.

"He had about 13 stitches. Inside and outside his eyelid. They said an inch over, and  he would have lost his eye," the Burkholders said.

It happened in January. The Burkholders said their loved one,Terry, was attacked by a group of teenagers in Milwaukee.

"They came up and crushed a big chunk of ice over him and it went over his head," the Burkholders said.

Terry's phone and bag were stolen.

Terry Burkholder

Terry Burkholder

FOX6 News took a look at the 14-year-old boy's juvenile records.

Those records show that just a week before the incident at Bay View High School, he was sentenced in juvenile court for his role in that January attack. The boy was released to his mother, placed on supervision and told he must stay out of trouble and attend school.

The Burkholders said they had no idea the case had been concluded -- and they called the teen's sentence weak. They said the 14-year-old boy should not have been allowed to attend Bay View High School.

Fight inside Bay View H.S. classroom caught on camera

Fight inside Bay View H.S. classroom caught on camera

"He should have been in a behavioral school or counseling," the Burkholders said.

Jasmine Pennix

Jasmine Pennix

The Burkholders said they aren't letting the teacher's aide off the hook in this case -- but they said they wonder whether the incident caught on camera could have been avoided.

"I mean after all, he attacked my son," Debra Burkholder said.

As part of the 14-year-old boy's sentence for the January attack, he was supposed to write a letter of apology to the victim.

The victim was awarded more than $1,000 in restitution.

The Burkholders told FOX6 News they have received nothing from the courts or the teen.

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  • MelissaK

    No worries. I am betting that this 14 tear old punk thug will be in prison or dead by the time he’s 18. Just gotta wait it out.

  • amerie

    so now a man who HAD a job and WAS working is now practically unemployeable because he let this little TURD push his buttons, the ghetto……its the gift that keeps giving and giving and giving. I just don’t understand why no one wants to teach those little darlings for thirty grand a year

  • Lashonda

    I wouldn’t be a teacher in Milwaukee even if I was paid a million dollars. These kids are animals. This world has gone to crap. No respect anywhere anymore. This kids mother is probably home right now smoking crack.

  • killathugtoday

    That’s attempted murder and a hate crime, this little bltch should be in prison getting use to his prisonsex. He’ll be in the system ’til he dies in a few years.

  • show some respect

    The teacher’s aide should of received a metal and not fired. Look at this punks record, he is not a “good boy”. What the school system just did was show the kids how to get rid of a teacher. I wonder how long it will be before a law suit is filed on behalf of this punk?

  • KaitiLu

    These little punks are untouchable and they know it. They need to be held accountable along with their parents. It does them no good to keep turning them loose with no punishment when they are repeat offenders. There is no consequence for them. Prisons are full because they don’t learn self-respect, responsibility and respect of authority when they are children. This teacher’s aid should be praised for taking him down a notch after being kicked at and taunted. The school system fired him instead and in a sense gave authority to the little puke who was causing the problem. We can only expect it to get worse. If 0bama had a son, he would look and act like this. He must be proud of what he has done for our country, huh? He promised us change. We just expected it would be positive.

  • laura

    The charges should be dropped and that teachers aide should have his job back. I also don’t see any of the black community supporting the guy marching and having protests for him for dealing with these horrible kids everyday. I have a great idea for that kid maybe he should be placed in costodial care of the air head judge that came up with his punishment I’m sure he would be no problem for such a authority figure.

    • This Country is Full of Liberals... we're doomed...

      First of all, the sub is not black enough to warrant a protest apparently. That’s sad by the way, because even if he were white, he should be receiving the accolades. Secondly, all of the judges in Milwaukee County are extremely soft on crime, let alone those committed by juvenile offenders. Thirdly, and this is more opinionated than the first two, do you see what happens when parents are no longer able to physically discipline their children without fear of repercussions? There is a different between spanking and beating, but they (liberals) lump it into the same category, so instead of parents being able to knock some common effing sense into these kids, they’re told that they are right and the authoritarians are in the wrong…. but truth be told… teachers used to be equipped with yardsticks to take care of these punks.

      • Michael Neils

        And erasers and masking tape. Our 1st grade teacher would tape kids mouths shut when they spoke without raising hand and being called upon. She would huck erasers at them to get her point across. AND the rest of the class was supposed to sing songs at the child like-who was talking? who was talking? insert name here insert name here. Now they got taped up now they got taped up quiet please quiet please. Can you IMAGINE with cell phones how that would fly today?

  • Angry Dad

    So if I curb-stomp this punk and break every bone in his body will I get off being sent home with a promise to stay out of trouble too? Liberal judges in Milwaukee need to be held responsible for letting these violent criminals off with no consequences. I think the teacher that did that should get a medal. That was a well deserved throw down and he should have beat him to an inch of his life if he’s just going to be charged with child (criminal) abuse… make it worth it then. Deliver the justice the victim’s family is still waiting for. They are right, he does not belong in a public school, he belongs in a concentration camp or the morgue.

  • Brew

    I don’t know Jasmine, but I stand in his corner!
    I’m looking for a way to support this HERO, it sounds like this kid needed to be put in his place long ago. (Bad parenting no doubt.)


    Definition of insanity, re electing crooked liberals into office and expecting a change.
    Milwaukee is doomed!

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