Elizabethkingia bacteria found in baby being treated in Neonatal ICU at Children’s Hospital

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MILWAUKEE -- Doctors have found the Elizabethkingia bacteria in a baby being treated at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Department of Health Services is currently investigating an outbreak of Elizabethkingia. Before now, we've only heard of adults in Wisconsin contracting it.

Children's Hospital officials have confirmed the Elizabethkingia bacteria has been identified in a child being treated in the hospital's Neonatal ICU.

Hospital officials said there is no indication of a serious infection in the patient. A sample of the organism has been provided to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services and the CDC.



Elizabethkingia involves bacteria that infects the bloodstream and affects the respiratory tract. There are multiple strains of this organism and all known strains are treated with antibiotics.

Officials say the bacteria is not transferred easily from person to person, meaning that Children’s Hospital's standard infection prevention protocols are effective in preventing the spread of the disease.



According to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, there have been 59 confirmed cases of Elizabethkingia in Wisconsin. At least 18 have been deadly. An outbreak has been under investigation since December.

Up until now, most of the people affected by Elizabethkingia have been over 65 years old. But Microbiologist Wail Hassan said he wasn't surprised to hear the latest case involves a child.

Microbiologist Wail Hassan

Microbiologist Wail Hassan

"This type of bacteria can affect children and affect older people," said Hassan.

Dr. Hassan said what concerns him, and what's really been drawing him to this outbreak from the beginning, is how large it is.

"We don't know how it's being spread right now. We don't know the origin of that outbreak that caused the larger outbreak," said Hassan.

Dr. Hassan has a suggestion for parents:

"Pay attention to what your kids are doing, what they touch, things of that nature," Hassan said.

The signs and symptoms of illness that can result from exposure to the bacteria can include fever, shortness of breath, chills or cellulitis. Confirmation of the illness requires a laboratory test.

Dr. Hassan says up until the outbreak, there really hadn't been a need to research this bacteria. But now, more and more is being discovered. Hassan said keeping that in mind, there is no reason to panic.

Health officials have echoed that -- as the investigation continues.

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  • Mel

    So when will our lovely government admit that they weaponized this bacteria and are raining it down on us!? Cause where else is it magically coming from, you heard it here it is not easily contractable. The only other explanation is it was being used to make a weapon with and “somehow” escaped the confines of a lab. This is extremely suspicious that no vector has been found. I urge all of you to look up at the sky, those aren’t contrails you see anymore, it’s a geoengineering project out of control. It began to stop UV radiation and has progressed into the world’s largest population control experiment ever as some of the stuff it rains down like barium, strontium and aluminum, but also the multitude of Strange bacteriological and viral organisms being found there. Time to start asking the hard questions.

  • Kennith Tomas

    Funny how we get little to no ACTUAL info about this sickness. Also, kind of cute how they try to put this under differnt things like “health news”. Please give us some more information, FOX6. I know that you are owned by the NWO, but don’t any of you want to know about what is going on? FTNWO and check out this website: http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/ do it for the people you love, your children and your friends. God bless and please CONVERT FROM SHEEPLE TO PEOPLE!

  • Wilson

    This unsafe hospital should be shut down. Nice job children’s give another infection to an infant. What a sh*tty hospital!!

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