New ordinance calls for Wisconsin parents to be fined for their child’s bullying

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SHAWANO — A new ordinance in the city of Shawano calls for fines for parents of children who bully other children.

According to WFRV, now that this ordinance has been approved, police in Shawano are going to work with Shawano School District officials to talk with parents of children who are bullying other children.

Those parents will then have 90 days after they’re informed by police of their child’s behavior to intervene, and put a stop to it.

If the bullying continues, the ordinance calls for the parent(s) to be fined $366.

If there is a second offense within one year, the parent(s) will be fined $681.

WFRV spoke with the principal of Shawano Community High School. He said he would be meeting with the Shawano Police Department in the coming weeks to discuss how he and his staff will help implement the new ordinance when necessary.

The ordinance comes amid a heightened awareness of the impact of bullying. This, after an 18-year-old gunman opened fire outside the Antigo High School prom on Saturday, April 23rd. Two students were struck by gunfire and hurt.

Students who knew Jakob Wagner, the gunman who died at the hospital after he was shot by police, said he had been bullied.


    • davidf95

      I was punished plenty of times, spanked with BIG PADDLE. 40 years later I have a college degree, a great family a great paying j and NO criminal record. Now that I look back on it, I am glad I was punished.

  • Lucas Vore

    Yeah, and just what are parents supposed to do when the state has taken pretty much all rights to punish them away. Short of taking away their electronics which just in turn makes them make your life miserable until you give them back… the state has taken away almost all rights to punish your child. You ground them, they leave anyway.. your only course of action is to call it in, which then the police just bring them home when they find them and then they runaway again.

    • KaitiLu

      Lucas, Try taking electronics for just an hour or two. Both sides should be able to tolerate that. Any lip or acting out adds an hour. Just enough to teach them actions have consequences. They can learn early on to take parents or grand parents) hostage. Kids deserve respect, but not control over authority.

  • KaitiLu

    Who is going to decide what is bullying and what is normal behavior? I can see this turning into a real mess in ways that are too long to go into here. What about we teach kids self-esteem and respect and responsibility. It is “the thing” these days to be offended over what other people say or do as if it is any of our business. So be offended if you choose, but don’t think you have the right to dictate what other people say or do. Get over it and move on. This country is filled with people with no spine and thin skin who think it is the responsibility of Other People to make sure they are content and not offended, Ever. Always The Victim. Be careful sensitive snowflakes, Spring is coming.
    I’m not saying to ignore the issue or do nothing, but maybe the person feeling bullied needs help with self esteem, growing skin and a spine and stand up for themselves. Not a “safe space” where they can go to and play victim. It is hard to be a victim unless you let yourself be. We are becoming the country of professional victims calling everyone who disagrees with us bullies..

  • Heidi K. Linden

    I think this is a good idea. Maybe it’ll prompt (dare I say “force”) parents to parent better. All kids go through things, and stuff happens- but continual bullying is a big issue. I’ve seen a decline in parenting the last decade, so a little incentive can go a long way. A child is often the product of their upbringing/ home life- an extension of who they’re raised to be. This could be a good thing. My son is a teacher and he is so frustrated with parents’ lack of interest and care of their kids’ behavior. But on the same token, I hope this doesn’t get taken too far…like- how will they define bullying? Kids need to respect who teaches them- from the home to the classroom- so, this is also something that needs to be worked on; then perhaps they’ll adhere to respect and kindness, if not just ignoring kids they feel should be picked on.

  • Minivan Mom

    That’s nice…but what about car theft, car jackings, assaults, robberies, etc? Bullying is just the suburban flavor of the month…but these other issues are having even more impact on the community at large. When will we be able to hold parents responsible for these crimes?

  • TryVoluntary

    Teachers, who have proven willing to bully parents and taxpayers for more access to your money, partnering with police, a professional bullying organization that uses their power to threaten and extort non-violent people, so together they can gain further control over your ability to feed your family over whatever micro-aggression they deem to be hateful next. What could go wrong?

  • takeaction4horses

    Love it! Hopefully that will get the parents of bullies to pay attention and realize that if their kids are using their time in school to torment other kids then they’re gonna pay$!

    • D

      What’s bullying too some may not be bullying too others. When I was in school we had the same problems. Kids would get in your face too start a fight with you. If you fought back you both got sent to the principles office. The kid who started fighting you when you fought back he left you alone.

  • David

    Personally, I have no problem with this AS LONG as it is done properly and not based on a single persons opinion. My point is, they want to HOLD THE PERSON responsible that RAISES the child. So be it. However, TODAY, the parent is NOT the only one RAISING their child. The education system is too. It has become PART OF THEIR responsibility, whether I agree or not. So, shouldn’t THEY ALSO be help responsible, if they TOO are raising our children. Why punish the parent IF the school is teaching them these bad habits?

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