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Thousands of pounds of prescription drugs collected, will be destroyed

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WAUKESHA COUNTY -- Thousands of pounds of prescription drugs -- it might be hard to imagine what that would look like all in one place. After all, a single pill is often smaller than a pea. But a weekend Drug Take-Back really stacked up.

From locations across the state, prescription drugs that are no longer needed were weighed, stacked, shipped and eventually burned to nothing.

Danielle Long

Danielle Long

"I personally watch every single box go into the incinerator. I have to witness them going in," said Danielle Long with the Wisconsin Department of Justice.

Long is one of those assessing the results from Wisconsin's prescription drug take-back program which was held over the weekend.

The Department of Justice holds two take-back weekends each year. Last October, more than 44,000 pounds of prescription drugs were collected.

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