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Caitlyn Jenner to pose nude for Sports Illustrated: report

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Caitlyn Jenner will grace the cover of an upcoming Sports Illustrated issue wearing nothing but ‘an American flag and her Olympic medal,’ a source told US Weekly.

The nude photo shoot will commemorate the 40th anniversary of her gold medal win during the 1976 Montreal Summer Games, when the now 66-year-old set a decathlon record.

Jenner, who came out as a woman last year, accepted the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the ESPYS in July.

As inspiring as her transition has been for some, Jenner’s outspoken Republican views have made her the target of criticism for others. Jenner has also stated publicly that she is not a spokesperson for anyone but herself.

Already square in the media spotlight, she recently made news by slamming Ted Cruz for supporting North Carolina’s so-called transgender “bathroom bill” that would keep her from using the women’s bathroom.

After Trump invited Jenner to use the women’s bathroom in one of his New York City buildings, she took him up on it, even posting a video to Facebook, titled “Bathroom Break.”


    • Debra ham

      What the heck is wrong with this picture. She was a man and now all of the sudden they want to post her as a women. Disgusting. Can we post something that is more important to the American people than a man wanting to be a woman. Who really cares…is this really news????? Makes me want to puke

    • CYNIC

      Exactly what I was going to say. How f-ed up have we become where instead of professional athletes or at least swimsuit models, now they’re parading around a guy with severe mental issues? Must be nice to be part of the untouchable .03% of the population.

      • Debra ham

        Tried to comment on some one post and every time I tried I would get kicked off. Does any one else have a problem responding to another’s post?

  • Fed Up with Poor Reporting

    Looks like I have another subscription to cancel. This is what happens when Playboy stops publishing nude women? We get Jenner showing us where his pee pee used to be? This is nothing more than an attempt to sell more magazines. I think it will backfire….

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