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No charges for student in UW-Madison anti-racism graffiti

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MADISON — The Dane County district attorney says a University of Wisconsin-Madison student won’t be charged for a series of political graffiti messages spray-painted on campus buildings.

Instead, the 21-year-old senior will enter a restorative court in Madison. The court allows young, low-level offenders to avoid criminal charges if they take steps such as compensating victims and doing community service.

The Wisconsin State Journal (http://bit.ly/23nnqx6 ) reports DA Ismael Ozanne said Tuesday the student is an appropriate candidate for the restorative court program.

UW-Madison police arrested the man last month after they said he spray-painted messages such as “White supremacy iz a disease.” The graffiti caused an estimated $4,000 in damage to university buildings.

Protesters accused campus officials of caring more about the vandalism than they did about the racism it was protesting.

No charges for student in UW-Madison anti-racism graffiti


  • Opinion8d

    Glad to see we have a fair justice system!!! (sarcasm) Not surprised by the actions of DA Ismael Ozanne -liberal haven, liberal DA, liberal city to the core. Expect more of that behavior on campus now. And as a taxpayer, I would ask that you uphold the laws and I expect full restitution to the university as I want no part in paying for the damages. I’m sure the same would have happened if a white guy wrote similarly slanted messages……WAFJ

  • cannibal

    If you commit a crime…then add on a racial component..is that not a hate crime?. If not..may i spraypaint “the devil is a black man” on any uw building?..

    • Mark

      and if you do….. I wonder what the odds are we can get a group of chubby black females to protest your arrest declaring that what you did was nothing more than ‘art’ and you should be left alone.

  • The truthhurts

    I don’t understand the headline to this article. It says anti racism graffiti, but it’s all racist. How could fox 6 show their spineless, cowardly biased any more than the headline to this article?

  • dro205

    The fact that this dude spray-painted “The devil iz a white man. -God,” and 1) he’s not getting charged AT ALL, and, 2) it’s referred to as “anti-racism,” are both ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC. Nice double-standards, you worthless, self-loathing, liberal FOOLS.

  • "anti -racist" is code for "anti -white"

    This is one of many example of “black privilege” . They are the only race on earth allowed to be racist. I guess fox 6 feels that blacks have lower expectations than whites and whites shouldn’t stoop down to their level. Universities and fox 6 aren’t “anti -white” They are just so pretentious they feel like blacks are inferior and need special treatment from the white man.

  • never apologize for being white

    Wait I know this kid, he was raised by his single white mom and never reallyknew his dead beat black dad. His white grandparents helped his mudshark mom financially. Thousands of white tax payers chipped in for his wellfare and education at an institution founded by white people, and now a white judge is letting him off free. If white man is so evilwhy not move to Africa or Haiti where there are no “white devils”?

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