Realtor showing home pistol whipped, robbed at gunpoint in broad daylight: “I feared for my life”

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MILWAUKEE -- A Milwaukee realtor thought he was showing a rental property, but it turned out it was a setup. The realtor was robbed at gunpoint and pistol whipped while on the job.

"I`m still having a problem coping with it," James Olsen said.

Olsen, a realtor, thought he would be meeting a woman at 15th and Burleigh on Tuesday, May 3rd to show her a rental property.

"I got there and she was sitting on the porch," Olsen said.

When they walked inside, there was a scary turn of events.

15th and Burleigh

15th and Burleigh

"It seemed strange to me that all the doors were closed. When I entered the kitchen, the door swung open and a gunman approached me and just stuck a gun right in my face and said 'get on the floor,'" Olsen said.

Seconds later, another man put a gun to the side of Olsen's head.

James Olsen

James Olsen

"Then they whacked me in the back of the head. I fell to my knees. I got on the floor. They rifled through my pockets and asked me where the money was," Olsen said.

The men left Olsen bloodied and hurt -- stealing his wallet, wedding ring and iPhone.

"I feared for my life. I really thought that, laying on the floor, I was going to get shot in the head," Olsen said.

The suspects fled the home -- running out a back door.

"They said, 'we`ll give you 20 seconds or we`ll kill you,'" Olsen said.

James Olsen

James Olsen

Olsen eventually went out the front door -- meeting his wife, who was waiting in their car. They then reported the incident to police.

"I was so scared. I never feared for our lives like that. I thank God that my husband was OK," Nozuko Olsen said.

James Olsen said the incident was terrifying -- but he is not going to let his fear control him.

"I`m just going to be careful at what I`m doing it, but stick to it and get back up on the horse," Olsen said.

Police are looking for the suspects.

This happened in broad daylight on Tuesday afternoon -- so Olsen is hoping that someone saw something.

If you have any information that could help police, you are asked to give them a call.

Meanwhile -- the Greater Milwaukee Association of Realtors has issued this statement regarding what happened to James Olsen:

The Greater Milwaukee Association of REALTORS® (GMAR) learned late Wednesday evening that one of its members, Jim Olsen, with Century 21 Affiliated in Delafield, was attacked while showing a rental property.

“We are extremely thankful that Jim is O.K.,” stated Roxanne Platz, 2016 GMAR Chairwoman. “It appears he took precautions, by not being at the property alone, and that one step could have prevented a much worse outcome,” Platz added. She was referring to the fact that Mr. Olsen’s wife was waiting for him in his car outside the property while he was showing it.

The GMAR and member brokers continuously stress agent safety when meeting with clients. The National Association of REALTORS®, Wisconsin REALTORS® Association, and GMAR send print and video information on REALTOR® Safety out to members on a regular basis, as well as making it available 24/7 on each Association’s website.

Additionally, each September is designated as REALTOR® Safety Month, when the Associations provide information on new safety techniques, webinars and safety seminars designed to train each member to be safe in almost any situation they find themselves in.

“REALTOR® Safety is a continuous effort,” stated Mike Ruzicka, GMAR President. “This will certainly act as a wake-up call to everyone, to be cognizant of your environment and take preventive measures when meeting with clients.”


  • amerie

    how much s the rent? do they allow pets? I’d be willing to bet theres gonna be one HELL of move in special on that house

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  • Dylan

    If the realtor had a conceal.carry weapon…and what are you thinking on 15 and burleigh….the wife is fortunate they didn’t car jack her

  • .

    Who would have thought after decades of democratic rule that nothing ever changes. So who are you going to vote for, another round of hope and failure. Maybe ya’ll should think about it for once in your lives and vote for another party and quit listening to the community dis organizers and socialist puppets.

    • Klaatu

      Jobs would be great for a lot of people, but i don’t think you realize that the scum that’s committing the crime don’t want jobs and probably wouldn’t work if you offered them $110K a year to make fries 4 hrs a day seven days a week. Where I work we have a hard time keeping some people more than a month because they can’t make it to work five days in a row. These are the lazy bastards that lie, cheat and steal because it takes less effort than getting out of bed every day with a set schedule and a strict set of rules………………….go Liberal agenda!!! Keep them happy on the taxpayer payroll!!

      • Angry Dad

        I completely agree with you Klaatu. Huge numbers of young men in the millennial generation have absolutely no work ethic at all and have no desire to ever get a job. I have witnessed this firsthand and talked with many of them since I live in a very urban area. They are more interested in getting a crappy neck tattoo than getting a job. They want to bang all the girls but they don’t have anything to offer a woman and can’t even afford to take a girl out to dinner. They take no responsibility on in this world and expect free stuff without any sacrifice or hard work. If the SHTF these people will be like masses of zombies. Clueless and unable to provide for themselves or their families because they are weak and have no basic survival skills other than taking/stealing from others. When food stamps go down, the urbanites will turn violent and they will justify it because that’s all they know, mark my words. I (hopefully) will be far away with my children eating fresh caught fish in a peaceful place.


      Highly doubtful these people could pass a drug screen, no matter the wage.

  • Jon q public

    Not the 1st time a realtor has been robbed like this in the city of milwaukee!! Last time I had to do all the work for tge cops. And when caught what did tge 2 criminals get??? 2 months probation WTF??

  • Klaatu

    The Cops do the job the best they can. Time and time again they sweep up this trash and take it to jail. Then the Liberal – don’t want to make the scum feel bad so you give it a hug – judge let’s them back on the street with a grin and free reign to continue the wave of terror……….I’m with you Dad, time for a vigilante force to start culling the herd of wild animals.

  • Derek

    People are so stupid.
    The idiots stole your iPhone.
    Track your Iphone or give the cops your serial number sure the GPS Will give an exact location. ppssshhh you lacking. We are the great state of Carry to Conceal

    • wilson

      His wife was probably part of the setup. Why have to stay married to this fat old bald guy when you can have him offed and collect all the money???

  • We Need Liberty

    Wait- this isn’t a black neighborhood is it? There is no detail about the assailants.
    PS- just kidding. We all know they were black. How is the “Hope & Change” working out?

  • hoodhater

    Who in their right mind would want to rent home at 15th and Burleigh? The entire northside of Milwaukee needs to be burned to the ground. Let the cockroaches scurry to Chicago where they can loot and shoot and plunder. Get out of Milwaukee.

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