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“We knew it would happen:” Rumored IKEA could force some from their homes

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OAK CREEK -- It's still only rumors. But sources say an IKEA is coming to Oak Creek. The Swedish furniture store is said to be eyeing a large stretch of land along I-94 and Drexel Ave. But if IKEA moves in, does that mean one family will be forced out?

Dave Anders

Dave Anders

The view behind Dave Anders' home is one he and his girlfriend have enjoyed for three years -- surrounded by tree lines and wildlife. Their one-acre plot opens to an expansive field. Their contentment, however, is now in a shadow.

"We knew it would happen at one time or another," Anders said.

The field to the north of the Anders' home is the rumored site of a future IKEA. No official announcement has been made. But signs point to IKEA hashing out a deal to purchase the land owned by Northwestern Mutual.

"We knew when we rented the place, eventually something would go in here because Northwestern Mutual had it," Anders said.


Anders said the property he and June Assem rent is also owned by Northwestern Mutual. The couple has not been notified by either the city or the property managers about any impending development. They only hope if a deal is going to happen, they are not the last to know about it.

June Assem

June Assem

"Oh God, yes. I'd like to know what's going on because I'm not going to put any more things out. We'll start packing them up I guess," Assem said.

Assem and Anders say at 69 and 67 years old respectively, moving everything they own would take a lot of time.

"I don't even know where we would go at my age and Dave's age," Assem said.

At a council meeting Tuesday night, May 3rd, Oak Creek Mayor Steve Scaffidi said he would not comment on IKEA specifically. However, he tweeted the following -- which could be taken as a hint IKEA is moving in.

Scaffidi said on Tuesday evening that if any kind of future development affects existing homes, the city will work with residents to make any transition as smooth as possible.

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