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Shoulder mount of Bow Tie the deer to be displayed at Wehr Nature Center on May 10

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Bow Tie

MILWAUKEE — A deer named Bow Tie, shot with a crossbow in a Milwaukee County park, has been preserved as a tribute — and will be displayed at the Wehr Nature Center on May 10th.

Bow Tie was known to many in the Wauwatosa area. He was frequently photographed for local nature magazines and wildlife calendars.

A local man was arrested and charged with killing the deer in a public park.

The man who reported the crime and a nature photographer were able to take the remains of Bow Tie to a taxidermist.

Many people in the community had appreciated watching and photographing the 11-point buck with the unusual “bowtie” marking. Because the deer was illegally harvested, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources confiscated it.

With support from the donors, the Parks Department requested that the deer be released to the taxidermist on behalf of Milwaukee County.

The mount will be returned for display at Milwaukee County’s primary environmental education center, Wehr Nature Center, where staff will use Bow Tie in interpretive educational programs for schoolchildren

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  • Klaatu

    Jason Elliot (the POS spineless loser who poached this deer) should have all hunting and fishing privileges revoked for life and be banned from all City, County, State & Federal parks…….
    I hope someone in his Martial Arts class kicks the living snot out of him someday.

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