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Tow truck driver leaves woman stranded after seeing Bernie Sanders sticker

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ASHEVILLE, North Carolina – A tow truck driver refused to help a woman stranded on a North Carolina interstate because she had a Bernie Sanders bumper sticker on her car.

It happened Monday, May 2nd in Asheville when Kenneth Shupe of Shupee Max Towing in Travelers Rest, South Carolina, was called to pick up a stranded woman, WLOS reported.

“Something came over me. I think the Lord came to me, and he just said ‘get in the truck and leave,'” Shupe said. “And when I got in my truck, you know, I was so proud, because I felt like I finally drew a line in the sand and stood up for what I believed.”

Shupe told FOX Carolina that he couldn’t tow her car because she was “obviously a socialist” and advised her to “call the government” for a tow.

A South Carolina attorney told WHNS that the tow truck driver is not breaking any laws because political affiliation is not a protected class.

The stranded woman’s mother posted to Facebook that she thought Shupe is a bigot.

“Trump’s motto is ‘Make America Great Again,'” she said. “And this kind of divisive behavior is not going to make America great again.”


  • Opinion8d

    So Awesome – and I lover her reaction -“this kind of divisive behavior”!!! HAHAHA – Finally a taste of the loony left’s own medicine.

    • avlisk

      I was going to leave a comment that she already has 3 strikes against her: 1) Disabled, 2) Broken-down car, 3) Ignorant Idiot. But your comment was better and more to the point. Borders. Language. Culture. Savage.

      • Catherine Salinski

        Hahahahah you think a Bernie supporter is ignorant. Oh that is rich. Coming from the group that supports Trump.What does being disabled and a car breaking down have to do with anything? Okay, your car has never broken down ever huh? What a joke. You do know Trump raped a 17 years old girl in 1982 right? Has a rap sheet a mile long, hired illegals, sexually harrasse dnumerous casino workers, Been fined and charged with crimes that daddy paid off. You do know he is a flaming liberal right? You do know he advocated drowning and shooting babies in the head. And she is the ignorant one? Lol third grade is calling Sonny it is past your bed time.

  • JokeEnthusiast

    “I felt like I finally drew a line in the sand and stood up for what I believed.” You’re a jerk and a terrible businessman. Have fun with that.

    • Wivern

      Sometimes people need to see there are consequences for their actions. She is against capitalism, so she should see what happens when you take it away. And its his business. If he decides to lose a sale on principle, its up to him. Was Bruce Springsteen and Bryan Adams called a “jerk” and terrible businessmen men by you, or do you just have liberal selective indignation?

      • Dale

        His business will go down the toilet with this approach. If he wants to be political about who he tows he is in the wrong business.

      • JokeEnthusiast

        No where did I say he couldn’t do it, he’s just a jerk and bad businessman for doing it. It’s not a political observation, just a human and capitalist one.

        You and the tow truck guy are so caught up in your political identities that you can’t judge actions by the simple metric of decency.

  • Mark

    Something came over me. I think the Lord came to me, and he just said ‘get in the truck and leave,’” Shupe said. yeah….. the Lord came to you to do the right thing over a political bumper sticker. Just doesn’t get much more stupid than this.

    • Catherine Salinski

      I know right? I think he might have mental illness if he is hearing voices. Did anyone worry about that? Maybe the lady is better off not jumping in that tow. Dodged a bullet.

  • Bernie

    Feel the “Bern” lady!!!!! Haha. Just like we will all be screwed if socialist Bern takes office.

    • Catherine Salinski

      You do live in America right? Ever pick up a book? I would strongly suggest it. Reading is a great way to get smarter and ummmmmmmm, learn things We already live in a socialist country. Always have and always will.

    • Brylar Foustark

      Do you drive a vehicle? If so you need to immediately sell it and never use the public roads again because it is a system operating on textbook socialism. Or keep driving and continue to slam socialism but remember at some juncture hypocrisy becomes more expensive than you can afford.

    • Gessler Towing Doesn't Need Money Either Apparently

      Don’t worry, apparently this tow truck company’s invisible discussion with the Lord means more than actually making any money… just wait a bit and let nature take its course and eventually they will go out of business. Reminds me of Gessler Towing out of Lannon, WI. They didn’t seem to want any customers at all and told me when I called they had “Limited hours” and don’t tow after 5pm… whaaaaattt? Then they said they didn’t want to tow my vehicle out of a garage and I should “Figure out how to get it out myself”. Apparently tow companies are so rich these days they don’t care about customer service or actually performing any work. Needless to say I’d never ever call Gessler Towing again.

      • Larry Jones

        For your info,he has the right to refuse service,as like he said he has had other Bernie supporters stiff him on paying,probably low life welfare recipients.Although I myself run a towing company and I may tow the vehicle,but the persons will have to find another form of transportation,as I will not be a taxicab service.My insurance does not cover passengers. Also when I get to where the vehicle is to be towed,it will stay on my rollback until I have been paid.If no one can pay me right there it goes to my fenced in yard and starts being charged an extra $10 per day for 1st ten days,then after that it goes to $25 a day.After 30 days I get a mechanics lean on it,and sell it.. Now you were talking about a garage pickup. Most garages have low gutters,and the booms on wreckers are higher than the gutters,therefore the vehicle cannot be picked up while in a garage.In order for you to have one moved or towed while in a garage,You will have to move it outside as to be able to hook up to it.And if you refused to move it out,then I can see why Gessler’s refused to tow it.When I 1st started my business I was inexperienced as to some things and had a guy call wanting a car moved,I drove 45 miles to his place and it was in a garage. He was disabled,,and I told him if he would sign a release form and watch my boom and stop me before I hit anything I would help him. So I started creeping in while he was watching and motioning me back in until I heard a crunch.I went back and he was watching the bed instead of the boom.Now he only wanted it moved outside of the garage to start with.I went back to my yard and in about 2 weeks I got a bil from a contractor for $875.00 for gutter repair.I took it to court and found out real fast that release for wasn’t worth the paper it was written on,and ended up having to pay the 875 plus another 250 for court costs. so I will not help anyone move a vehicle out of a garage,I don’t give a damn if they’re disabled or not.

  • Danny Westfall

    Can he refuse? Yes. But I hope any corporate accounts he has drops him immediately since he’s a business liability for them. For himself, who cares? He’ll hurt his own business or he won’t, but corporations can’t send out a tow truck driver to have them leave their customer on the side of the road for hours for another driver to come by.

    Was it a good Christian thing to do? Definitely not. I don’t know a more socialist person than Jesus Christ, he’d likely vote Bernie this election cycle if he ever got the time away from curing anyone, regardless of their income level, not receiving payment, and allowing anyone into his house and guaranteeing them prosperity.

    As a Trump support it might get him in good standing. After all, what more could you do to get liked by Trump? He left a disabled woman stranded for a couple of hours on the side of the freeway instead of helping her for payment. Seems in line with most of Trump’s business decisions that have led to multiple business bankruptcies. Hopefully Shupe won’t become a drain on the economy like Trump’s businesses have been when filing for bankruptcy.

  • libertyrules1

    You love the government more than private enterprise, then go have them supply tow trucks when you need one. I am sure it will arrive in a few weeks. Too bad. I believe we should not help any socialist. They are promoting legalized theft of our goods, services, and earnings. To hell with them.

  • David Weidner

    I couldnt help but notice the irony in his disdain for someone who supports a liberal, socialist jew that hates greed and selfishness, and supports humanitarianism. *christianity, you’re doing it wrong.

  • mlky

    Something did come over him. His ignorance! It is not his job to judge a person in need. If that is his lord speaking to him then he’s not speaking of the Lord that would have stopped for any brethren in need. That you do to the least of my brothers, that you do unto me. Go back to your church Sunday and talk about his actions and your comments.Christian values are not an example of what was spoken here today. If he worked for my company I would fire him in an instant.

  • An Embrrassed American

    Everyone is to busy hating to see one simple fact. How simply un-American this behavior is. How people have fallen.

  • Brylar Foustark

    Everybody cheering the wrecker driver has so far been ignorant of the fact roads are built and maintained through a socialist system. The taxes from the gas and administrative fees from her vehicle helps pay for the roads Shupe needs for his business to exist at all.

  • Bill

    No, he did NOT have the right to refuse to tow her vehicle.
    Driver calls Mechanic. Mechanic calls Tow Truck Driver and says “I need you to tow this vehicle that’s broken down in such-and-such area.” Driver says “no problem,” drives to the site, starts the process of picking up the car, and then decides to back out in the middle of the job for a, frankly, stupid reason.
    Offer, acceptance, consideration. This is one of the most obvious cases of breach of contract I’ve ever heard of. You can refuse a job, but once you’ve agreed to do the job, and the customer has spent who knows how long waiting by the road — not calling anybody else because you told her you’re coming — once that happens you do the job; and if you don’t it’s breach of contract.
    Her damages might be low, or hard to prove, but the point is that the tow truck driver was not, in any way, within his rights to do what he did. There is a big difference between refusing a job, and walking out in the middle of a job. A surgeon might be able to refuse to operate, but he cannot walk out in the middle of an operation. An attorney can refuse to take your case, but he can’t leave you alone in the courtroom in the middle of your trial. A taxi driver can refuse to take you to the airport, but he can’t throw you out of his car in the middle of the interstate.

  • Steve Austin

    It’s amazing he didn’t have any problem using the very roads our “socialist” government laid out and paved for him to run his business. I look forward to one of his family being in the same position to see how he reacts. Being in the business many years it’s not the political affiliation that determines whether you get paid, it’s how much of a lowlife dick you are. Seems like he knows a lot about that.

  • PJM361

    Everyone should call this company for a tow and when he arrives say never mind God told me not to let an a$$höłę touch my car. He’d be out of business pretty quick if he spent all day driving around and not making any money.

  • CodPast

    Heh…I can’t help but think that all of these comments would be skewed 180 if the situation was a Sanders supporter leaving a Trump supporter on the side of the road. Same exact scenario (woman is disabled, car broke down, etc) but is left on the side of the road for being a Trump supporter, with tow truck driver saying the same exact thing with the same reasoning…all of the commenters crying foul right now would be cheering, applauding and praising the driver.

    • Brylar Foustark

      Im generally not a big fan of the “projection” issue but my goodness you could not have painted it any more clearer.

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