Three girls charged after teen beaten to death in school bathroom

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WILMINGTON, Delaware — Three girls from a Delaware high school have been charged in a fatal bathroom beating that left one of their classmates dead in late April.

Only one of the Howard High School of Technology students, 16-year-old Trinity Carr, actually hit Amy Inita Joyner-Francis, according to a statement from the Department of Justice.

Cell phone video taken by one of the other two students shows Carr repeatedly striking Amy in the head and torso area with her fist, according to the News Journal.

After the attack, Carr can be seen walking out of the restroom and leaving Amy bloodied and disoriented on the bathroom floor, according to court documents. She went into cardiac arrest shortly after. According to an autopsy, Joyner-Francis had a pre-existing heart defect that led to her death. Officials argue that, despite the heart condition, she would not have died had the attack not taken place.

Department of Justice officials said they will push to try Carr as an adult. She has been charged with criminally negligent homicide, and could face a maximum of eight years in prison.

The two other suspects in the case, Zion Snow and Chakeira Wright, could get up to a year in prison on charges of third-degree criminal conspiracy in connection with the assault. The charges stem from what authorities are calling a planned assault. In the 20 hours before Amy died, the three allegedly talked and wrote about what they wanted to do to her. Snow and Wright, neither of whom have criminal records, will be charged in juvenile court.

The deadly beating happened around 8:15 a.m. on April 21 inside one of the Wilmington school's restrooms. Students told WPVI that the fight was over a boy. Joyner-Francis, was rushed in a state police helicopter to the A.I. DuPont Hospital for Children, where she died from her injuries.

"I am so upset that a young lady lost her life today, things like that shouldn’t happen," Mayor Dennis Williams said in the hours after the shocking death. "My heart bleeds for the family, the kids that go to this school, the administrators and this city.


    • totally confused with the law

      All three girls were involved. Although the other two didn’t hit her, they stopped her from getting away. To me that is considered accomplices.
      This is the United states and the concept of people today is unbelievable

      • Angry Dad

        They should be charged with party to the crime of 1st degree intentional homicide. This attack was planned and done intentionally. And the maximum possible sentence of 8 years for this premeditated murder? WTF is that?

  • Crystal

    Wow! How terrifying that’s these horrific teenagers would walk the face of this earth again!!! Amy deserves more than that!!!

  • jodi

    My heart hurts for this family. I feel the justice system is failing America in this instance. They were all premeditated in wanted to cause bodily harm a student on school grounds. Holding that video recorder verses helping someone in need is just as guilty as throwing the punches. 1 year is a joke!! 8 years is not a life sentence for taking a life.

    • LaShonda

      I think they all need to go to jail. They all took par in this girl murder. The system fails if they let them well if they get less then the max. Over a boy, u have 2 set an example some where. These kids r getting out of control. We need to take back our country.

  • Alicia

    A planned assault that left the woman dead and max is 8 years? the other two only get a year? What a crock!!!!

  • NKB

    This is premeditated murder and regardless of their age, these girls should not be getting off lightly. If Trinity Carr can do this kind of damage now, and probably could have done almost as bad in the past, imagine what she will do in the future. This kid is a loser. My condolences to Amy’s family and friends for the loss.

  • Terria

    Where’s the second degree murder charge? Investigators been pondering all month on how to let these savages off lightly. 8 yrs out in 5 or so😢

  • totally confused with the law

    All three girls were involved. Although the other two didn’t hit her, they stopped her from getting away. To me that is considered accomplices.
    This is the United states and the concept of people today is unbelievable

  • BG

    If that was my child who died, it would not be 8 years. I would die fighting to get justice. How sad, You beat and kill someone over a boy!

  • sarah

    Really?? Only 8 years max? And only 1 for the others? What is wrong with this world?! Basically condoning. There was no justice here whatsoever. And on top of that, Amy died in a BATHROOM at her SCHOOL! Those girls deserve wayyy more time than that!!!!


    And it was premeditated, they should get more like 40-50 years w/o parole. Just because they are teens doesn’t mean we have to go easy on them. Some teens are scarier than adults.

  • Candice

    Woman should never fight over a man and so young at that…. what’s going on with our youth??

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