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Police: Robbery suspect shot by off-duty MPD lieutenant was not armed

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MILWAUKEE -- A robbery suspect shot Sunday morning, May 8th by an off-duty Milwaukee Police Department lieutenant was not armed.

Police said Monday, May 9th new information has revealed a customer inside the Sally Beauty Supply store near 76th and Good Hope Road was yelling that the store had been robbed.

The off-duty lieutenant was in the area, and heard the yelling, and apparently saw the suspect holding stolen merchandise.

The lieutenant confronted the suspect and fired several shots, striking the suspect.

The suspect fled the area in a vehicle and later was located at 76th and Mill Road.

That's when a passerby shot cell phone video later posted to Facebook.

Officer-involved shooting near 76th and Good Hope Road

Officer-involved shooting near 76th and Good Hope Road

Police said the suspect is a 25-year old Milwaukee man.  He was taken to the hospital for treatment of a non-life threatening gunshot wounds and has been arrested for this incident.

Police said he is a convicted felon and has a lengthy arrest record for various offenses ranging from robbery to burglary, motor vehicle theft, battery, resisting an officer and drug possession.

Sally Beauty Supply at 76th and Good Hope Road

Sally Beauty Supply at 76th and Good Hope Road

Milwaukee police say this case will be referred to the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office for strong armed robbery charges in the coming days.

Police say they will not be releasing the suspect's name until formal charges have been issued.

The MPD lieutenant is assigned the "Investigative and Intelligence Bureau." He is 48 years old and has 22 years of service with MPD.

He was not injured during this incident and will be placed on administrative duty per policy.

You'll recall -- a similar situation occurred in this area just days ago.

Officer-involved shooting -- 76th and Good Hope Road

Officer-involved shooting -- 76th and Good Hope Road

Burt Johnson

Burt Johnson

On Thursday night, May 5th, Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn said his officer was shot in the chest by an armed robbery suspect, identified as 38-year-old Burt Johnson, who was fleeing an O'Reilly Auto Parts store.

The officer's life was saved by his body armor, Flynn said. He was taken to the hospital, where he was treated and released.

A foot pursuit of the suspect continued, and at the end of the pursuit, the suspect fired several more rounds at officers, police said.

Two officers returned fire -- striking the suspect, who was pronounced dead at the scene.

Officer-involved shooting at 76th and Mill

Officer-involved shooting at 76th and Mill

"There's a point you become immune to it, I guess you could say. My reaction to it is that it's sad," Patrick Roberts said.

Roberts was at a service station during the food pursuit on Thursday.

"I saw the foot chase. I heard the shots," Roberts said.

Roberts said the crime in the area has made him think people have given up hope to succeed the honest way.

"What happened here is just a symptom of a sickness. It's the runny nose you experience when you get a cold. It's our society crying out from its pain and the injustices that are going on," Roberts said.

officer-involved shooting

Monitor FOX6 News and for updates on this developing story.

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  • I've had it!

    You have got to be kidding me! This suspect is a convicted felon and has an arrest record for offenses including robbery, burglary, car theft, battery, resisting an officer and drug possession? Can someone please explain to me and the rest of the community why he is still walking the streets? Seems to me he’s a menace to society.

  • Mark

    I thought I had originally heard that the officers vest had saved his life. Am I mistaken?

    • I've had it!

      Yeah @MARK… That was a different incident. It’s not your fault because there are so many that it’s getting hard to keep track of all of them. I wonder when someone will realize that and do something that has some bite instead of just looking the other way?


    I just wonder if a CCW holder shot an un-armed thug would he be charged, hmmmmm? But I agree, one less thug off the streets for awhile anyway.

  • Seriously???

    It’s the runny nose you experience when you get a cold????? You’ve got me there….I have nooooooooooo idea. It’s our society crying out from its pain and the injustices that are going on?????? What injustice…..garbage robbing innocent businessmen???? Garbage running from and shooting at Cops???

    • Foxlies

      No it doesn’t. He’s dead. Can you read? Your assumptions lead to the opposite of reality. It’s illiterate fools like you that ruin this city

  • Conservative

    It’s called trying to better yourself as a person whether it’s at home work or in life. Stop making excuses. Working two jobs if you have too. Jobs are there it’s just not many people are willing to apply themselves. A little hard work goes along way. He was in the wrong for stealing and I hope this is a lesson learned for him. Thou shall not steal. Not that difficult…but yet it’s so hard for people to get.

  • Claude

    Fox 6 news is a typical liberal news outlet. They are pro-bad guy and go out of there way to distort the facts.


    Excellent comment. The headline plays right into the BLM agenda. The article should applaud the officer that took down this violent criminal. If this happened in the 1800’s the robbers name would have been on a dead or alive poster with a reward. Good job MPD.

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