MPS board considers whether to work with a commissioner to fix some failing schools

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MILWAUKEE -- There are many questions and many opinions surrounding a new law targeting Milwaukee's failing schools. On Tuesday evening, May 10th, the Milwaukee Public Schools Board of School Directors took up the issue of whether MPS should work with a commissioner to fix some failing MPS schools.


"It really is too early to be able to give a formal decision," Darienne Driver, MPS superintendent said.

Dr. Driver emerged from a closed session meeting of the MPS Board of School Directors Tuesday evening to say there were still a lot of questions and information to review.

"It`s important that all aspects of the plan are really analyzed," Driver said.

A law passed last summer requires a commissioner be appointed to oversee some of Milwaukee's failing schools, as part of the "Opportunity Schools Partnership Program."

Kim Schroeder

Kim Schroeder

"I can`t be a rubber stamp. I`m an educator," Kim Schroeder said.

Earlier Tuesday, Schroeder, the head of the Milwaukee Teachers Education Association announced he is resigning from the OSPP's advisory council -- indicating he is getting conflicting information from OSPP Commissioner Demond Means.

"We`ve heard vague rhetoric, but we have not heard any specifics as to what they are doing," Schroeder said.

The school board has until June 23rd to decide whether to work with Means.


In a press release, Means and Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele, who is in charge of the OSPP and appointed Means as commissioner said their proposal ensures that teachers at struggling schools will remain MPS employees, students will remain enrolled in MPS, and per-pupil funding from the state will be returned to MPS.


Abele and Means said if MPS says no, "in order to comply with the law, schools will be taken from the district and millions of dollars will be lost."

Dr. Driver said more specifics are needed before a decision can be made.

"At the present time, we`re still in the process of gathering information," Driver said.

Means has said he plans to focus on one school in the 2016-2017 school year. Which school that will be, hasn't yet been decided.

MPS Board of School DIrectors

MPS Board of School DIrectors


  • Opinion8d

    When liberals can’t even work with liberals. Millions are not lost – they are just moved. The sad part is no one will face the real issues. Pull these kids at birth and raise them in an orphanage. It could be run cheaper than MPS and fix the problem in 20 years.

      • Opinion8d

        It’s not about Socialism -I’d prefer the govt stay out of it. The only way to fix the cultural mess is to stop the cycle. Please tell me how these kids have a chance?? By the time they are kindergarteners, they are swearing, hitting, and spitting at the teachers. They are up to all hours in the night. They witness horrific behavior – fighting, drinking, drugs, lawlessness, etc. They live in filth and have no moral compass or value system and no family structure. And then they live off government programs. They also have more kids than they can afford with no consequence, which further sets them back and continues the cycle. Tell me how many kids value an education?? The rights and respect that MLK fought for over 50 years ago mean absolutely nothing to these people.

  • Ingrid

    I see a ton of statements about cost, but not much about thr most important issue at hand – those kids that MPS has been failing. I hope thr board says no so that Means can run those schools more efficiently and get those kids the education they deserve.

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