Police need help locating vehicle spotted near scene where nine-year-old girl was shot

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MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police are asking for the public’s help locating a vehicle in connection with the May 5th shooting of a nine-year-old girl near 15th and Meinecke.

Police were initially searching for two vehicles, however, the owner of one of the vehicles came forward -- and further investigation revealed neither this owner nor this vehicle were involved in the shooting.

MPD is still seeking the driver of the green Jeep Grand Cherokee.


Za'layia Jenkins

Za'layia Jenkins

The vehicles were captured by surveillance cameras near the scene of the shooting.

Nine-year-old Za'Layia Jenkins was hit by a stray bullet while inside a home at 15th and Meinecke Thursday night. Jenkins was taken to a hospital, where she remains in critical condition.

Police recovered more than 40 casings at the scene near 15th and Meinecke.

No arrests have been made in connection with this shooting.

Anyone with information about that vehicle or the shooting is asked to call Milwaukee Police at 414-935-7360.

Young girl shot at 15th and Meinecke in Milwaukee

Young girl shot at 15th and Meinecke in Milwaukee


  • Honky

    How did they have details that 3 men each with guns were in the white olds? But they have nothing to do with it? Makes sense. Must be the TMZ reporting of fox6now.

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