“Lock your doors:” Teens in stolen vehicle accused in attempted carjacking at Walmart in Brown Deer

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BROWN DEER -- Brown Deer police say two teenagers were taken into custody after an attempted carjacking in the Walmart parking lot near 60th and Brown Deer Road.

It happened around 9:30 a.m. on Wednesday, May 10th.

Walmart store on Brown Deer Road

Walmart store on Brown Deer Road

Police say the victim was in her vehicle, stopped at a red light when she was approached by two people who attempted to enter her vehicle -- positioned on both sides of it.

The woman's doors were locked, but police say the suspects demanded that the woman exit her vehicle.

The woman was able to escape by driving away. She was not hurt, and there was no damage done to her vehicle.

The suspects were described as two black males who fled westbound on Brown Deer Road in a silver vehicle.

Police located the suspects near 76th and Brown Deer Road, and learned the silver vehicle had been reported stolen out of Milwaukee.

Attempted carjacking near Walmart store on Brown Deer Road

Attempted carjacking near Walmart store on Brown Deer Road

The suspects, a 15-year-old and 17-year-old from Milwaukee were arrested.

Lt. George King with the Brown Deer Police Department said he cannot speak to specific trends, but said cases involving teens using stolen cars in other crimes seem to be on the rise in Brown Deer -- prompting a new warning from police.

"If you see someone approach quickly on the sides -- make sure your doors are locked," King said.

Charges will be referred to the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office in this case.

Walmart store on Brown Deer Road

Walmart store on Brown Deer Road

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  • Fed Up with Poor Reporting

    Did we miss a day Fox 6? Last I checked, it is the 10th of May, but it’s a Tuesday… not a Wednesday… you guys really need to proofread these before you post them… seriously… it is a definite hampering to anyone considering you folks a trusted source for news when you can’t even get the day right….


    WTF is wrong with these sub humans? They already have a stolen car. Just savages. Years ago they would learn how to “hot wire” a car to steal it. Now, just steal from women or elderly. Why not try to take a truck with NRA stickers on it and a 35 year old white guy driving it?

  • Michael Neils

    9:30 am isn’t that school time? Skipping school to jack a car. Mom? Dad? AND pleeeeeassse don’t tell me no parent knows what their kid is doing 24/7. No kidding. That call form the school that the kids weren’t there should be 1st clue. Most schools call the home/work right off the bat. Any family on any type of assistance that has kids that skip should lose the assistance as it perpetuates a lifestyle of I don’t need to take care/be responsible for myself. The gov (taxpayers) will pay for everything.

    • Redneck

      If you don’t like your job get a different one. If you don’t get paid enough, try getting an education – that will help you get a better job……….

    • Tired of the BS

      BABYGURL HUGHES is just another fine example of pure ignorance. Poor girl can barely speak English, yet she wonders why she doesn’t get a raise. She should have focused on academics instead of thuggery.


      redneck it’s a 2way street you aint the only one that can do that okay just letting you know and walloffthenorthside i dont get assistance and I cant wait until it becomes law for your low life racism ass get blowed away

    • Chrisco

      Why is it so hard to put the blame were is lies. The people who live in the north side. They all make up race. Stop blaming the white people for your own failure.

  • Honky

    Fox6now doesnt have time to moderate the stories to make sure they are accurate, too busy deleting the comments.

  • Liberal

    The government should give them vehicles anyways. They are only trying to have and enjoy what wealthy conservatives have and enjoy. Society needs to make things equal between the rich and poor.

    • Michael Neils

      lol my car is a 2002 bought USED for 1000. How much crack, meth, pot, alcohol, tattoos, kicks, grills, hair extensions, nail tips, good-time girls (or guys) does that work out to? Always been curious how people with those things cannot afford a car. . .

    • Redneck

      I agree. Everyone who is under-educated and/or unemployed with no financial stability should get a free vehicle with all maintenance, gas and insurance paid for 100%. They should get to choose what kind of car they get too. Don’t just push a SMART car on them when they really would like a BMW i8 or a Z06……….they say driving is a privilege, but it should be a right to everyone once they turn 14 years old.

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