Grafton School District board reinstates music teacher Bob Maronde: “So very happy”

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GRAFTON — The Grafton School District’s Board of Education announced Wednesday morning, May 11th that music teacher Bob Maronde has been reinstated.

Maronde, who teaches music at Woodview Elementary School, said he was told to resign — and not offered a contract for next year after an incident in his classroom in mid-April.

Bob Maronde

Bob Maronde

FOX6 News was told Maronde would be on paid administrative leave for the remainder of this school year.

Maronde said in April, in his classroom, two fifth-grade boys weren’t listening.

Maronde said while briefly separating them from the rest of the class, a door he closed made a lot of noise. Then, at the end of class, Maronde said he saw a third boy holding a kazoo near another student’s eye.

“I immediately reached down and grabbed it as quickly as I can, and pulled it away. As soon as I started to pull away, I didn’t have a grip, and the kazoo went flying off into the wild blue yonder. I will yell at basketball games (as a coach at Grafton High School) and do all that. But there is a big difference between coaching in a basketball game and teaching eight, nine and 10-year-old kids. I’ve been teaching 40 years and I have never, never, never once been called in for what’s happened in my music classroom. Never. This is the first time,” Maronde said.

Woodview Elementary School

Woodview Elementary School

Maronde said he didn’t think much of the incident until he was asked by the superintendent to resign.

Maronde told FOX6 News he was offered a deal — where he would resign, and be allowed to coach the basketball team at Grafton High School for one more year.

He did not agree to that.

“I teach them ‘don’t give up, don’t quit.’ So we decided I would not sign the resignation,” Maronde said.

Dr. Mel Lightner

Dr. Mel Lightner

Dr. Mel Lightner, the superintendent of the Grafton School District was asked to resign on May 2nd after outrage following Maronde’s removal from the classroom. School District officials said Lightner’s resignation would involve a severance agreement that ends a multiple year contract he currently has with the district. Lightner will not be with the district for the remainder of the school year, officials said.

Terry Ziegler, the Grafton School District board’s president, announced Wednesday morning that Maronde will get his job back.

“The board regrets that this matter took so long to come to resolution,” Ziegler said. “Mr. Maronde now recognizes that for his part, though unintentional, the environment in his classroom on April 14th did not meet his own or the district`s high standards for a classroom environment.”

Meeting of Grafton School District's Board of Education

Meeting of Grafton School District’s Board of Education

FOX6 News spoke with Maronde following the school board’s decision on Wednesday. He said it has been a long few weeks.

“My focus and my motivation all the way along was ‘take it back to my kids’ because that’s what education is about, and that’s what we’re supposed to be. And so I’m very, very happy,” said Maronde.

Bob Maronde

Bob Maronde

Maronde said he does not plan to return to the classroom for the 2016-2017 school year (next school year).

“With circumstances the way they are, I don`t know how that would have worked out,” Maronde said.

As for the remainder of this year, Maronde will be back in his classroom. He as the substitute teacher who has been filling in for him will finish the year together.

Tom Andres, the interim superintendent who took over after Dr. Lightner resigned said he is looking forward to getting the district back on track.

“We can`t take our eye off the ball. We`re here to teach kids,” Andres said.

Andres said he met with Maronde on Wednesday and said Maronde will be back in the classroom on Thursday, May 12th.

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  • BG

    Good for him, glad he stood his ground. ( in a positive way) Hats off to the parents who stood by him. Congratulations!

  • Penny

    This story has been completely manipulated because of a popular “sports” coach and a Superintendent, who follows Act10 and holds teachers accountable for their productivity in the classroom. The liberal media has failed to properly investigate and get to the root issues in this poorly run school district.
    First of all, Maronde is a “double dipper” (retired teacher and now hired again) and just because he’s been a teacher for 40 years, doesn’t make him great or above ethical behavior in the class room. You can’t tell me there wasn’t a MORE Qualified teacher to put in that position (5th grade music class) that wasn’t retired and collecting a pension.

    Second, you have a school where kids play card games (not educational ones) while teachers grade papers. REALLY?!! They cannot do this during their free hour? Or how about giving them an educational assignment while grading papers? There are classes where kids haven’t opened a text book 3 months into the school year! The list goes on and on. No wonder kids in America are behind other nations kids!! Look into it Fox 6!! Get to the bottom and report fair and honestly.

    Third, and finally….Teachers who have been fired due to poor performance in the classroom are texting and posting on social media, threatening teachers who support the “railroaded” superintendent! Wow! How professional!! Who in the school board at Grafton is doing anything about that? NONE OF THEM! congratulations Grafton Schools!! You’ll continue to educate our kids in a sub-par manner.

    I’m in healthcare and the government holds me accountable for quality outcomes. When will teachers be held accountable by the government for quality outcome?

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