Case dismissed: Owner of Tobacco & Wireless store no longer faces charges

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27th Street Tobacco

MILWAUKEE — Charges were dismissed on Friday, May 13th against an owner of the “Tobacco and Wireless” store at 27th and Kilbourn in Milwaukee.

The owner had been charged with two misdemeanor counts of receiving or concealing stolen property. But on Friday, those charges were dismissed without prejudice.

City officials claimed in 2015 that the store was a nuisance. Police said they had been called out to the store more than 400 times in two-and-a-half years.

In May 2015, Milwaukee police raided the store — but the store’s owners have never been charged with gun or drug offenses.

A lawsuit was filed against the store’s owners in September. Among the allegations, the lawsuit claimed felons were employed at the store and sold guns and high-grade marijuana, stored in the bathroom.

“The claims that the city, or the county, or the police are relying on are almost completely outrageous. And as far as I can tell nothing has any basis. In fact,  these allegations are being made by people you would not trust with your car keys for 30 seconds,” Brian Kinstler, an attorney for one of the store’s owners said in October 2015.

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  • Debra ham

    To many of these places. How can they make so much money is the question? They are located in a poor section of the city. I believe that there is definitely more going on in those places than we know.

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