Man allegedly forces woman to hide heroin in her pants during traffic stop

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RACINE COUNTY — A couple was taken into custody after several syringes were found during a traffic stop in the Village of Sturtevant, according to Racine County officials.

Authorities say on Wednesday, May 11th a Wisconsin State Trooper conducted the traffic stop. The driver identified herself as Kristy Wiedenhoeft, 24, and the passenger gave a false name. The passenger was later identified by officials as 38-year-old Roberto Valez.

Roberto Velez & Kristy Wiedenhoeft

Roberto Velez & Kristy Wiedenhoeft

According to a criminal complaint, the vehicle was searched and several syringes were located. Wiedenhoeft was removed from the vehicle and asked if she had anything on her person to which she said she did not.

When officers searched Wiedenhoeft, they located heroin on her person totaling 102.8 grams.

Officials say Wiedenhoeft stated she and Velez had been driving around for about 30 to 45 minutes before being stopped. Wiedenhoeft told authorities while they were being stopped, Velez began searching around the vehicle and forced and threatened her to conceal the drugs in her pants.

Wiedenhoeft told officials she did not know what else to do so she put the drugs in her pants. She stated she knew she put drugs in her pants and guessed it was heroin.

Wiedenhoeft and Velez both face the following charges:

Count 1: Obstructing an officer
Count 2: Possession with intent to deliver heroin


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