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“Really rewarding:” Milwaukee Brewers visit local elementary school to play ball!

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MILWAUKEE -- A group of elementary school students on the city's north side had quite a surprise on Friday, May 13th. Milwaukee Brewers players stopped by to play some ball with them!Brown Street Academy

Brown Street Academy playground was turned into a press conference on Friday, where dozens of kids got the thrill of a lifetime -- playing baseball with the Brewers.

Cheered on by the Brewers Racing Sausages, the Milwaukee Brewers partnered with 30 Major League Baseball teams for 'Play Ball Weekend.'Brewers

"The purpose of this is to get more kids an opportunity to enjoy the game," said Lane Grindle, Brewers announcer.

The message here: reminding kids that you don't need 18 people or a turf field.Brewers2

"They key though, is you need a ball and a bat, right? Alright," said Rick Schlesinger, Brewers COO.

Each kid was awarded a plastic ball and bat to play with.

"Good news for teachers and parents because it's a Wiffle ball and Wiffle bat, there's no risk of injury to windshields, windows or other things of value," said Schlesinger.

The love of the game was not lost on the students pouring their hearts into free time outside.

Chris Capuano

Chris Capuano

Brewers pitcher Chris Capuano say it's all about having fun and building confidence.

"A lot of kids are shy and as long as you let them know it's OK if you miss, it's OK if you make a mistake, you'll get another chance to do it and do it right. It's really rewarding when you see them start to have fun," said Chris Capuano, Brewer's pitcher.

Through the Play Ball initiative, every Milwaukee Public School student, kindergarten through 2nd grade, will be getting a plastic ball and bat set to take home with them.Brewers5