Social media explodes with happiness, anger following Obama transgender directive

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MILWAUKEE -- The U.S. Department of Justice and Education issued guidelines on Thursday, May 12th to ensure transgender students are allowed to use the restroom of the gender they identify with. It's causing controversy all over including here in Wisconsin.Transgender bathrooms

It will affect all public schools and there are many opinions on it. The majority of them were easily found on social media.

It carries a clear message: fall in line or face loss of federal funding.Transgender bathrooms2

"It's a very big celebration," said Milwaukee County LGBT Community Center Executive Director, Karen Gotzler.

Not everyone was as thrilled. Moments after the news broke, social media lit up. Some questioning the government's involvement -- others expressing concern.

"I feel this gives predators an excuse to use the women's room to prey on women and children," said a FOX6 Facebook fan.Transgender bathrooms4

"This policy has nothing to do with sex offenders. This is about letting children use the bathroom of their gender identity," said Gotzler.

Gotzler says this will be a good thing for students in Wisconsin public schools.

Karen Gotzler

Karen Gotzler

"It really ensures that those youth who are so vulnerable and so susceptible to bullying and to physical abuse that they're feeling protected," Gotzler said.

This has been an ongoing battle.

One Wisconsin lawmaker in particular, Representative Jesse Kramer, has been at the front of it working on legislation that would restrict transgender people from using restrooms and locker rooms -- recently motivated by Target's stance which allows transgender people to use any restroom in its store.

Gotzler says even with what she considers a victory today, she says their fight is not over.Transgender bathrooms3

National groups have already sent out statements which include asking schools to fight against this latest decree.


  • Maximus Aeurelius Trollus

    The liberals see this as a win. Unfortunately for them it will awaken the silent majority including Democrats, independents that will vote for Trump and unseat the miscreants that have desecrated this country. The liberal social justice warriors including the feminists have caused so much damage to this country we can only hope the common sense people vote them into oblivion.

  • Wag the dog

    The incredible dependence upon federal funding in exchange for the loss of local/state power of the people is the real issue here.

  • notahypocrite

    This is crazy less then .1% of the population identifies with the opposite sex but the rest of the population has to put up with this. Un fricken real

  • Rep. Jesse Kremer

    This has nothing to do with bathrooms. Ask school officials if they would be proud to allow a 15 year old boy to change next to a room full of freshman and sophomore girls… their daughters and grand daughters. THIS is what the feds are pushing to allow and what was addressed in Palatine, Illinois by the DOE while we were having our Wisconsin hearing. THIS is what 62 girls decided a few days ago that they will challenge in federal court. THEY are suing the school district AND federal government for their loss of privacy in their safe place. I stand justified in my opinion piece regarding the left and the real war on women and children.

    • Opinion8d

      Thank you for your efforts. I hope this national discussion will spur more support to get it passed. As more people become aware that this isn’t just about ‘bathrooms’ or really even transgender people – it’s about letting people self-identify.

  • Andy G

    Wow, this should be great for the perverts. But what about the other 98% of us ? I don’t think the ladies would like hearing a man farting and grunting, and most men would lose respect for the ladies. This is insanity at it’s best. I think the abomination needs a psychiatric evaluation.

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