Help redesign the city of Milwaukee’s flag! RATE the five finalists

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MILWAUKEE — It’s a chance to change Milwaukee’s flag for the better. YOU get to vote for the winner!

45 semifinalists and five finalists were unveiled on Saturday, May 14th at City Hall.

It is now up to the public to pick which flag will represent our city.

Milwaukee’s current flag is often considered one of the worst-designed civic flags in the entire world.

Milwaukee Flag

Milwaukee Flag

The “People’s Flag of Milwaukee” received over 1,000 design submissions, and they were narrowed down to just five.

Now it’s time to pick your favorite.

“When people are starting to rate these finalists online, take some time. Digest it. Don’t be quick to judge. Come back to them tomorrow. Look at them and come back a week later. Give yourself some time to really let them grow on you and then rate them,” said Steve Kodis, founder of the People’s Flag of Milwaukee.

Here are the designs:

Get a good look? Now it’s time to submit your vote for your favorite flag!

The winning flag will be unveiled on Tuesday, June 14th — which is Flag Day.


  • Terri

    I hate to say this but I still prefer the original. All of the new designs are too ambiguous and only if you knew what the meaning behind those flags were, would it make any sense. Visitors to Milwaukee wouldn’t have a clue and isn’t promoting Milwaukee the important thing?

    • JB The Explorer

      What your saying would be true of the US Flag, too. Visitors to the country wouldn’t know what it means. A flag isn’t meant to promote a city, state or country. It’s meant to represent it.

  • truth hurts

    If they really want to depict todays milwaukee it should be 2 shadows shooting at each other.

  • M

    Voting 3 Rivers after watching Making of Milwaukee and learning the importance of those rivers in decisions that continue to affect modern day Milwaukee.

    • Keeptheoriginal

      And what about the visitors to Milwaukee? What about promotion of our city? Visitors will have no clue what this flag stands for. They may see it in the same way as the Summerfest flag. Non-important silliness. By voting for this flag, you didn’t do Milwaukee any favors. At best, we will now have to have someone stand under each of the flags and greet visitors and explain to them what this thing stands for.

  • Clarisse

    Keep the original. All the others look like progressive communist flags. Look at the City of Los Angeles city flag, do the same and put Milwaukee seal in the middle. I think Chicago has the best cool looking flag. KEEP THE FLAG THE SAME it tells a story!!!!!!!1

  • wilson

    They all suck!!! Most look like the type of flag that would be raised in a communist country. How bout a flag with mayor mccheese wearing a crown with flynn kneeling before him licking his boots?? Maybe a broken down trolley car in the background??? A smoking firearm would be good too!!!

  • Claudia Koslosky

    They all look like 3rd-world country flags. Just use the city seal on the flag, Milwaukee, and keep your dignity.

  • Michael Neils

    Keep the original. It is a CITY flag not a 3rd world country. The 5 finalists look like country flags-all symbolism. You shouldn’t HAVE to explain what a flag means. No year of founding, no native american, no brewing or industry. THAT’S what Milwaukee was founded on. All this forward thinking? lol ! Why not just use a gun emoji a trolley and a really ugly looking stadium?

  • 4leafclover1343

    I prefer the original as well. The potential flags look like middle eastern countries. I’ve always liked our current flag. It shows we are not just about the river or the lake. I think the designers of the flags to vote on put a lot of thought into representation on the flag by using as little as possible, but they are not appealing.

  • Chrisco

    They look like national flags from a 3rd world country. These are even worse then the original. I bet the designers are all from the north side.

  • Brisls

    These are the choices out of 1,000 designs? Who made these choices? These all SUCK!!!. Why only 3 colors? No history is presented on any of these sterile designs. This is like the trolley, no referendum to let the people vote on more than these 5. They seem to have taken on the color scheme of our buses. How much of our taxes were dumped into making these choices? Back to the drawing board or let the taxpayers look at the rest of the designs. Another attempt to make this city a “neutral” entity, no wonder businesses are leaving, no creativity here, folks, just move along.

  • H. G. Coddingbourn

    Keep the original flag! NO NOT change it. The sunrise flag looks like a community organizer type flag. The current flag identifies everything that was good about Milwaukee. Let’s have a memento on things used to be. Now it’s all killing, carjacking, fatherless kids, scumbags, miscreants, felons, shoplifting rachets, pants on the ground goofballs, classroom disrupting worthless teacher attacking scum, mean feminists and social justice warrior idiots.

    • Nikto

      How about a flag that’s all white. Milwaukee taxpayers have surrendered after having the living blood sucked out of them by the entitlement leaches and high taxes.

  • Slim

    I was actually pretty excited about Milwaukee getting a new flag, but wow, I am completely underwhelmed. And it’s not like I’m the minority – nobody here likes any of these flags.

    As awful as our old one is…at least we know what it’s for. None of these flags say anything interesting, nor do they look appeasing to the eye. Very, very disappointing. I won’t be voting for any of them.

  • Chrisco

    I am sorry to be the one to tell you. It is as ugly as the rest. If you are designing a flag for a north african country perfect.

  • Ed Flynn Mistress #11

    How about a light blue background with a big brown sh!t stain from one end to the other for all the sewage we dump into Lake Michigan?

  • sandmann58

    I agree keep the old one and try again these new flags do not show any of the city’s diversity or it’s many good quality’s looking at these if they weren’t explained would not make me even think they were flags representing the city of Milwaukee We’re a great city and deserve better than a second graders art work I mean even the city name is on the flag I would have thought they were suppose to take the old flag and update it a bit add summer fest our parks our ethnic festivals etc Not a very good effort Leave the old flag stand :)

  • Peter Ansoff

    Unfortunately, I think that all of these designs need further development. The “Three Rivers” is the best, in that it’s the only one with any obvious symbolism, but even it is too generic. I’d try replacing the disc with something that makes a clearer reference to Milwaukee — maybe a simplified version of the gear on the existing flag — and also adding fimbrations between the blue and green areas to improve contrast.

    A lesson we’ve learned from previous flag design efforts is that a good design very seldom just “jumps off the paper.” Initial submissions need to be treated as promising ideas that can be refined and improved, rather than as finished products.

    Peter Ansoff, Past President, North American Vexillological Association (NAVA)

  • James Larson

    Milwaukee’s only unique feature is the Calatrava museum. There were a couple entries that recognized that fact, and would symbolize Milwaukee to any visitors. Those should have been among the finalists. The current finalists all need to be explained…. Not good.

  • Candace

    I don’t like any of them. They all have a progressive/communistic feel and does not represent Milwaukee. What happened to red white and blue!? Shouldn’t our flag link patriotism for our nation with state representation that is understandable by visitors as well as it’s residents?!

  • Steven

    Send them all back to the drawing board. The designs do not represent the many neighborhoods of Milwaukee, the history of manufacturing or the great city. Who ever decided that these are the finalists is not thinking clearly.

  • Ken P Luty

    None of the flags ‘tell me’ anything!! One reminds me of the Canadian Maple Leaf Flag. When looking at the new flags, I see nothing that identifies itself with Milwaukee. The current flag identifies itself as “Milwaukee” and shows when it was founded. It shows history …… a history we should be proud of! Keep the Current Flag! It tells a story! The new flags? They don’t tell me anything! A stranger coming into town and seeing anyone of the new flags would wonder, “hmmmm…. wonder what that represents!!!???” Stay with what we have!!! Ken … in Milwaukee

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