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Brian Pergande, former Butler lieutenant accused of misconduct found dead in Milwaukee

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Brian Pergande

BUTLER — Brian Pergande, the former Butler Police Department lieutenant accused of misconduct was found dead in Milwaukee this weekend.

Milwaukee police say they were called out to the 5700 block of N. Lovers Lane Road around 9:00 a.m. on May 14th for a report of a sudden death.

A 39-year-old Milwaukee man, later identified as Brian Pergande, was found underneath a bridge.  Lifesaving measures were performed but Pegrande was pronounced dead at the scene.

The injuries suffered by Pergrande were consistent with a fall and the circumstances surrounding his death remain under investigation.

David Wentlandt, the current chief of police in Butler, released this statement to FOX6 News:

“Our thoughts and prayers are with all of Brian’s friends and family during this difficult time.

Due to this incident occurring in the City of Milwaukee, the Village of Butler will not have any further comment at this time.”

Pergande’s attorney, Christopher MacGillis issued this statement:

“We are deeply saddened to learn of Brian’s passing. At this time, we are still in the process of obtaining information about the incident. We ask that his family be provided privacy at this time.”

In 2014, Pergande was sentenced to serve 30 days behind bars for disorderly conduct.

He pleaded no contest to that charge after he was originally charged with felony misconduct in office.

Pergande was accused of taking inappropriate pictures of a woman he arrested. Pergande claimed the photos of an exotic dancer’s chest were altered and zoomed in on after they were taken.

Pergande resigned from the Butler Police Department in July of 2014.

Pergande was one of two officers suing the Village of Butler in federal court following an investigation in 2013. That investigation revealed many of the members of the Butler Police Department had watched porn on the job, and took part in other bad behavior.

In 2013, punishments for the officers ranged from written reprimands to three-day suspensions. One officer was referred to the DA’s Office for charges. The police chief resigned. The village administrator said the entire department would be re-trained.

Pergande and Officer Chad Rahn filed the suit claiming the 2013 investigation was done illegally.

The lawsuit paints both as whistleblowers — men trying to shine a light on egregious behavior and unknowingly, that light was shined back on them.


  • Erika

    This was someone’s father, someone’s husband and someone’s son. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • Lh

    He was a great friend, father and husband. He had a good heart and enjoyed helping people. All people deserve dignity in death, have respect.

  • Joe

    Butler police are awesome. You only have an issue with them if your a criminal or something to hide. They don’t care about the small things, which is the problem with other police officers who waste our tax dollars on stupid investigations.

  • Phil McCracken

    Hahaha, I can tell you’re a liberal just based on your grammar. You don’t need to proclaim it in your name.

  • dighard

    If your good you don’t just turn up dead????
    I think there’s a faked death here for some reason.

    • Bonnie Ryan

      wake up dumbass it IS usually the ones that are set up or know to much that DUE get killed..FKAKE DEATH, reall.. Obviously you didn’t really know him for who he is & was, and will always be in our hearts and memories.. Man you really need a reality check and I am not afraid of any bad comments for I am a true witness of who Brian is and was.. It’s your right to judge but don’t make statements on those you may or may not have known..Perhaps YOU WERE involved in some scan against him.. Think about that one.. Most Sincerely His Aunt and Brian was a sweet nephew and great person.. we all have our faults. HE WHO HAS NEVER SINNED CAST THE FIRST STONE!! Sound familiar.. Stated in the Bible.. A very proud Aunt and sister of his father(deceased early too) Bonnie Ryan

      • John

        Saying that someone is a good person is also judging. You just happen to have judged them and determined that they are good in your eyes. If you really want to go by thr No Judging philosophy, you have to refrain from determining good or bad at all.

  • Linda Roggenbach

    He still deserves respect. Before people write such negative things, he had a wife and children. They don’t need bad or disgusting remarks. We all make some poor choices sometimes. He paid his debt to society, so it shouldn’t be a picking point now. I send my thoughts to Steph and kids.

  • Dianne Warner

    So sorry to hear about Brian. May you rest in peace. Taylor and Brady know he will always be close in your heart and memories.

  • Reasonless

    To answer your question, my concern would be that this has the potential of being foul play.
    He may have been a great Dad, Husband, and friend to many, but he was still at one time a cop.
    The fact that he was a cop means that their are most likely a certain amount of people out there that didn’t like him.
    I think there is a strong possibility that someone helped him over the railing of that bridge.
    My prayers go out to him and his family/ friends, and if this was foul play, I hope that Milwaukee PD have the time and resources to catch the party involved.

  • Truth Hertz

    Another crooked cop giving good cops a bad name. Some people get a badge and the facade disappears and the inner demon surfaces. Raise hell when you’re living and people ask that you rest in peace, amazing. He may have been a good husband and father but he victimized other people, not as a civilian but as a cop. I wonder if his victims are hoping his rest is peaceful?

  • Michelle

    I wonder what upset him so much. Wasn’t he recently married? And friends keep defending him, saying he was innocent of the charges related to photographing a strippers chest…so the court case should have been a potential win? A fight before he was found? I hope there is a thorough investigation by an outside agency. It’s clear that he and his friends are too entwined with Butler for them to do an objective job.

  • Dianne Warner

    You people are unreal with your comments. If you hated him that bad you should have said these things to his face when he was alive. You have no compassion for his family and friends. Seems like you have big mouths now that he is no longer with his loved ones. You all should look in the mirror.No one is perfect.

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