Track athlete Lauren Reesman of Catholic Central

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BURLINGTON - I am Lauren Reesman, and I go to Catholic Central High School, and I participate in wheelchair track.

I started participating in track and field beginning of last year, I'd say. I had two older sisters and they were both in track.
I had never been in any other sport before, because I couldn't.

I hadn't really thought about adaptive sports before. We saw this up at the state track meet and I was hooked. Like I just wanted to do it right away.
I will be participating in the 100 meter, the 400 meter, and then I also do shot put.

I had to work so hard to get where I got. Especially going to a state track meet my first year, that was not easy at all. Being at the sectionals track meet and winning a
sectional plaque, I got on the bus and I literally just sat there in awe. I was like, I'm actually going to the state track meet.

I had never won anything. Never done any great thing. Never been in a sport before. So that was honestly the greatest feeling for me.
So I won the shot put, the100, and the 400.

Unlike a lot of people that have Spina Bifida like me, I have a lot more upper body strength than most people would, because I have to compensate for the fact that I
don't have any lower body strength at all.

Someone that's been a really huge inspiration to, not only me, but my whole family is Jean Driscoll. She has Spina Bifida, just like me. She has won the Boston Marathon
9 times, more than any other able bodied athlete, and has done it in a wheelchair. I admire her strength and her courage and her tenacity to just go and do anything.

I plan on going to Waukesha County Technical College next year. I know that I am interested in either massage therapy or recreational therapy.

People really know me for the fact that I have 16 pairs of Converse now. I have worn Converse to every single school dance that I have been to, because I wear
orthotics so I cant wear heels or anything. I have every color of the rainbow, except orange.

Again, Im Lauren Reesman, and I am a track athlete at Catholic Central High School. And I'm this weeks FOX6, High School Hot Shot.

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