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“Devastating” May frost damages entire 32-acre vineyard at Wollersheim Winery

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PRAIRIE DU SAC β€” Vintners at Wollersheim Winery in southwestern Wisconsin say a devastating May frost has resulted in the worst crop loss in about three decades.

Head winemaker Philippe Coquard says the temperature dropped to 27 degrees early Sunday, May 15th and despite the heating equipment used to save the grape crop, the entire 32-acre vineyard at Prairie du Sac was damaged.

Coquard says 75 percent of the red grapes have been lost and 25 percent of the white grapes. Coquard says it's heartbreaking to see a year of work damaged by the weather. He says the freeze will impact the amount of estate wines Wollersheim will be able to release in 2017.

Coquard says the vines will recover and turn green, but will produce little or no fruit this year.