Bible-wielding woman marches through Target protesting bathroom policy

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A video of a woman and her family marching through Target loudly protesting the retailer’s news bathroom policy has gone viral.

The video was uploaded to YouTube and shows an unidentified woman marching and yelling her way through a Target and holding a Bible in the air as she condemns Target’s new gender identity bathroom policy.

The woman, who claims she is a mother of 12, began her protest by shouting Target’s Mothers Day signs are “a deception” and Target does not love mothers and children.

“This is not love and they have proven it by opening their bathrooms to perverted men,” the woman said. “I’m very disgusted by this wicked practice. Target does not protect mothers and children. Mothers, get your children out of this store!”

The woman makes her way to the front of the store with the children and a man following her and exits shouting, “I wouldn’t spend a penny of my money here.” The man following behind her can be heard shouting, “The judgment of God is coming on this nation.”

The video was posted on Saturday and has already received over 160,000 views.

The video comes after Target’s CEO Brian Cornell spoke publicly about the store’s new bathroom policy, which allows any transgender individual shopping at Target to be able to use whichever bathroom they believe corresponds with their gender identity.

Target said their decision to change their policy stands with their long history of “embracing diversity and inclusion.”

Their policy has received backlash from Christian groups like the American Family Association, who started a petition against the retailer that already has over 1.2 million signatures.

The woman’s video is not the only one to go viral:


  • Dita Logos

    The God of the Bible fiercely hates lies. Telling a man that he can become a woman is a lie. Telling women and children that men in the bathroom isn’t a threat to them is a lie. Telling people that it is natural for Men laying with men as they should as with women is a lie. Women becoming men is a lie. God knows how He created things to be. Standing up to and against the lies a store tells is what makes God proud and satisfied. Her actions are supported b y scriptures.

    • WritesOnParade

      But aren’t we all made in god’s image, even intersex and transgender people? Even gay people? What about those who are without sin should cast the first stone? Love thy neighbor?

      Gluttony is a sin but we all buy waaay too much crap we don’t need and eat until we’re fat.

    • Jeanne C.

      If you follow every single thing in the bible that it says is a sin then I would be very surprised. Follow the new testament. That is the word of Jesus, the son of God. The old testament isn’t the law anymore. The new testament is love one another as you would have them love you. You’re hypocritical at best.

  • Dita Logos

    She did what God told her to do:
    58 Cry aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet, and shew my people their transgression, and the house of Jacob their sins.
    Isaiah 58:1

    • The liberals are promoting sin

      Agreed! I don’t think it will be long now before we see open persecution of Christians and the wicked gay agenda becoming common place. Just watch, FOX6 is part of this liberal Satan-worshiping agenda and they will remove this post along with any others that points out this FACT and any other FACT that goes against their evil liberal agenda of promotion of gays and sin.

    • EugenePWynne

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    • Glenn

      I read the Bible, cover to cover, and it only left me with more unanswered questions. There are so many inconsistencies and contradictions, there’s no way that drivel could get published today.

  • Larissa Brunken

    The trash that work at Target, like yourself, are no better. If I was employed at Target, which I’m not, cause I’m straight, and don’t need them, would have quit my job at Target in lieu of this issue. All Target is, is just a cesspool of trash individuals now.

  • chris herrmann

    mother of 12 with a Bible yelling at Target.
    She’s obviously not aware that Priests have molested more children ( hundreds ) than Transgendered people ( which, honestly, is still near ZERO ) …in the past Year.

    • truth hurts

      Those are gay pedos in priests clothes and would probably be trans if it weren’t so obvious.

      • Jane

        Funny how your username could be so ironically 180 to your comment. Pedos have been studied for a very long time— > pretty much always heteros. Now, that’s not saying that there aren’t a whole LOT of “supposed” str8 folks out there…In fact, in order to see how many, all you have to do is to have a look at how many like to read & comment at gay web sites. Uh-huh. “Jus’ doin’ the lord’s work, perusing all these hot gay mens”…lol. The projected self-loathing would be funny if it weren’t so pathetic & sad. It’s almost a meme now.

  • Denice Thibaut

    I will say she could have taken a different a tone but I get her outrage. It is time for us to stop bending over to please the 1% while shafting 99% of the population.

  • Janine Burke

    Why the uproar? No one was hurt. I have heard screaming babies make more of a commotion than that and they didn’t get news time. If these people did what they were convicted to do and it harmed no one, then let it go. Many people are worried and concerned over this bathroom issue. A year ago a man would have been chastised and rebuked for entering the ladies room on purpose, now he is protected to do so. There’s a lot to be afraid of folks, and yes, judgement is coming to a nation that turns their back on a Holy and just God. Best wishes to all.

    • JokeEnthusiast

      Because Target is private property and has every right to usher people out who create disturbances. She can protest on public property if she feels strongly about the issue.

  • GM

    I love how they exit through the wrong doors at the end. Also love how they were being ushered out by Target employees. I really got a good chuckle out of these videos.

  • Neicie Marie K

    …of course her/our God is angry…you,d be too if your children acted the way we do…he loves the sinner but hates the sin…when you are on your death bed you wont be calling out to your pagan gods guarantee it….just hope you don’t die in yor sleep, or you wont have time to ask for forgiveness.

  • imcrazy

    Why did the people with gender issues ever bring this up? Were they being denied use of a restroom? If they would have kept their mouth shut and used the restroom of their choice we wouldn’t have all of this BS.
    Do I have to broadcast that I’m straight and I want a restroom for straight men only? I’ll bet there are more people looking for that.

    • Michael Neils

      They would tell you too bad so sad. Somehow the usa has become a nation catering to the whiny % who think they are too poor, should not have to learn English and become a legal citizen, should not have to look at a manger at CHRISTmas, steal cars and purses rather then earn them from a job, collect disability because they gave themselves an opiate condition, no winners-everyone gets a participation trophy, go to college for free on taxpayer $ rather then a scholarship/flipping burgers-it’s maddening. Maybe they wouldn’t tell you-they’d have a traffic blocking protest and post how dare you straight man all over the social media lol !

  • Barry McCockner

    Whats the big deal? This country has bigger problems that need to be addressed first. Sure the thought of some self loathing queer taking a dump in the little girls room at Target next to your 6 year old daughter is a little disturbing to any healthy parent, but it’s not what’s destroying our Nation. If globalist puppet Hillary gets elected you’ll have bigger problems.

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