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Did crash involving his ambulance have any impact on motorcyclist’s death after crash in Mukwonago?

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MILWAUKEE -- There are lingering questions after a fatal motorcycle crash on Sunday, May 15th in Mukwonago. Officials say a motorcyclist struck a car, and as he was being taken to the hospital, the ambulance carrying him was involved in a crash in Milwaukee.

The crash involving the motorcycle happened near Highway 83 and Black Bear Boulevard in Mukwonago.

Family members have confirmed to FOX6 News that 48-year-old Daniel Weber, known by his biker name "Digger" died after the crash.

Daniel Webber

Daniel Weber

Village of Mukwonago Police Chief Kevin Schmidt says it happened in the early evening hours on May 15th.

Weber was allegedly riding northbound on 83. Investigators say another vehicle was turning southbound onto Highway 83 from Black Bear Boulevard.

Highway 83 near Black Bear Boulevard in Mukwonago

Highway 83 near Black Bear Boulevard in Mukwonago

Schmidt says several witnesses reported seeing Weber speeding in a 35 miles-per-hour zone.

Schmidt said it appears Weber hit the other vehicle. Police say he was not wearing a helmet.

From the scene in Mukwonago, Weber was taken by ambulance to Froedtert Hospital. His injuries were severe. Sources say Weber flat-lined, but was revived.

On the way to the hospital, near 92nd and Oklahoma in Milwaukee, the ambulance carrying Weber was involved in a crash. It happened around 7:30 p.m.

Crash involving vehicle and ambulance in Milwaukee

Crash involving vehicle and ambulance in Milwaukee

Milwaukee police say the ambulance had its lights and siren activated as it crossed the intersection. Investigators say a Pontiac Vibe entered the intersection and collided with the ambulance.

Four Mukwonago firefighters were treated for injuries, as were the driver and passenger in the Pontiac Vibe.

Police say the driver of the ambulance was issued a citation for not slowing down as it approached a red light.

Officials say the wreck had little impact on Weber's health. Police say Weber had a pulse, and was breathing when he was put into another ambulance to be taken to Froedtert.

Sadly, investigators say Weber later died at the hospital from injuries sustained in the crash in Mukwonago.

Mukwonago police say they're still investigating the crash, and haven't issued any citations.

Meanwhile, a family member of Weber tells FOX6 News they have retained a lawyer and are pursuing legal options at this time.

Daniel Webber

Daniel Weber

Google Map for coordinates 42.880056 by -88.341100.


  • Travelfox

    Am guessing his choice to not wear a helmet was the biggest contributing factor to his death. Foolish.

    • Sam

      Please be kind. He left behind a wife, two little girls, and many family and friends who loved him dearly.

  • Shavon

    Wait, Ambulances always have the right of way when they have their lights and siren on. What has changed? I read that the driver was cited for not stopping at a red light, but aren’t all drivers supposed to yield to an ambulance?

    • Mike

      Rescue vehicles do not have the right of way when going through an intersection. They are required to give the right of way when the light is red, or there is a stop sign. Any emergency vehicle (including police, fire and EMS) are requesting the right of way when they are running emergent (with lights and sirens), they are not demanding it.

      This was 100% the ambulance drivers fault if he just ran through a red light/stop sign without slowing, or coming to a complete stop, and then proceeding through the intersection when it is clear.

  • Fed Up with Poor Reporting

    I guess getting him to Froedert in a hurry caused an accident… but if they were in such a hurry, why were they on city streets? I mean, coming from Mukwonago, staying on 41 until Watertown Plank would have made more sense to me anyway, even in heavy traffic, the ambulance can use the shoulder/emergency lane… so, my thoughts are sue away, if nothing else, for poor decision making skills, leading to negligent manslaughter.

    On a side note… I’m guessing God was calling him home. When it’s your time, it’s your time….

    • Opinion8d

      I was thinking the same thing -why are they on city streets there- especially on a Sunday. The probably got off at Beloit and took that to 92nd St. That seems like a forever trip compared with take the freeway and getting Watertown plank -heck even if they had to go to North Ave it would seem faster. It’s not like 92nd is wide or smooth the whole way there. I hate to see a lawsuit though

    • Kate

      Or calling Flight for Life from the scene of the first accident. That’s a long ride for someone so seriously injured.

  • Tam

    Injuries that severe warranted flight for life. And he should have been flighted to the nearest trauma center unless the patient requested otherwise.

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