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Packers Micah Hyde learned to swim at the Y; your child can too: “I want every one of you to learn”

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MILWAUKEE -- He was born and raised in Ohio, and played college football at the University of Iowa. Now, Micah Hyde is a member of the Green Bay Packers. A recent stop in Milwaukee had him feeling like he was a kid at home again.

The day was picture perfect at the YMCA's Northside Center in Milwaukee, and capping it all off was Hyde, who was there to meet with some very enthusiastic kids.

Micah Hyde at YMCA

Micah Hyde at YMCA

While playing football is always something to look forward to, Hyde truly made this experience even better.

"It was a special day because we got to meet a Packer," one girl said.

You could say the feeling was mutual for Hyde, as this was a sort of homecoming for him.

Micah Hyde at YMCA

Micah Hyde at YMCA

"It's kinda crazy, because the YMCA back in my hometown, that's where this started. I did all types of sports when I was little, and that's what I want to relay to you guys, is that what I do now -- it's so important that you have that back in the day," Hyde said.

Hyde played football, basketball, baseball and soccer at the Y -- and even had a short stint taking part in another sport.

"I was in gymnastics for one day because my mom didn't want to babysit me and she just threw me in with my older sister, so I had to go to gymnastics," Hyde said.

It was during his time at the Y that Hyde learned something else that would become important to him.

"Learned how to swim. I was probably just three or four years old when my mom pushed me in the water, but it was definitely at the YMCA," Hyde said.

 YMCA CEO Julie Tolan and Ziegler Companies CEO Tom Paprocki have come together for the "Milwaukee Swims Program." Ziegler has donated $5,000.

Because of that, Hyde, along with YMCA CEO Julie Tolan and Ziegler Companies CEO Tom Paprocki have come together for the "Milwaukee Swims Program." Ziegler has donated $5,000.

Learning to swim at the Y

"We're excited to work with the Y on a program that I think is wonderful to be able to give kids, maybe some kids that wouldn't ordinarily get a chance to learn how to swim, give them the opportunity to do so," Paprocki said.

"It's going to fund 65 children's participation in Milwaukee Swims this summer," Tolan said.

The program is for both kids and adults -- teaching water safety and more.

Learning to swim at the YMCA

"We teach anyone to swim in a 10-week program. We charge every participant just $5," Tolan said.

"That's awesome. That's big. All these kids are going to have swimming lessons all that stuff in the summertime," Hyde said.

And who knows, it could lead to greater things in the future and even a possible showdown.

"I want every one of you guys to learn how to swim and hopefully I'll come back here and race you one day," Hyde said.

Learning to swim at the YMCA

CLICK HERE to learn more about the YMCA's Milwaukee Swims program.

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