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Two Menomonee Falls High School students charged, accused of selling pot

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MENOMONEE FALLS — Two Menomonee Falls High School students have been charged in connection with a drug investigation. The accused are 18-year-old Myles Luckett and 18-year-old Kameron Walker.

Myles Luckett

Myles Luckett

According to the criminal complaint, on April 12th a detective was contacted by a confidential informant (CI), who indicated they could purchase a half ounce of marijuana for $165 from an individual identified as Myles Luckett.

The complaint indicates that at approximately 3:51 p.m. the informant exchanged money for marijuana inside Luckett’s vehicle at Oakwood Park.

On April 24th the detective again had contact with the confidential informant, who indicated they could purchase one ounce of marijuana from Luckett for $330. The deal was to take place on April 25th at Oakwood Park.

At approximately 5:16 p.m. on April 25th the detective observed Luckett and Walker arrive at the park.

Kameron Walker

Kameron Walker

During this transaction, the complaint indicates, “The Cl made contact with Luckett at the front passenger window, and over the live wire, the detective heard the CI ask Luckett where the other half of the suspected marijuana was, as Luckett explained to the Cl that there were two halves. The Cl indicated that he/she wanted to see the other half, and Luckett then grabbed the $330 from the Cl and stated, “I need to take this.” The Cl then struggled to grab the small plastic bag containing the green leafy material from Luckett and was able to grab one bag. Walker then drove out of the park with Luckett as a passenger.”

On May 4th the detective reported to the Village of Menomonee Falls High School, where

Walker and Luckett attend school.

The complaint indicates, “Walker’s vehicle that was observed during the April 25, 2016 deal was in a parking lot of the school, as was Luckett’s. Walker was subsequently taken into custody and admitted that the vehicle in the parking lot was his. Luckett was also taken into custody and admitted that the vehicle in the parking lot that was driven to the deal on April 12, 2016, was his as well.”

Myles Luckett is facing  two counts of manufacture/deliver THC, one count of maintaining a drug trafficking place, one count of misdemeanor theft and one count of possession of drug paraphernalia.

Kameron Walker is facing  one count of manufacture/deliver THC (as a party to a crime), one count of maintaining a drug trafficking place and one count of misdemeanor theft (as a party to a crime).


  • healthycollegekidblog

    I’m confused. It said nothing about them selling at school. Why mention it or go to it? They couldn’t pick them up from home? Why didn’t they get arrested when the drug deal went down? I have so many questions

  • Stop busing in the ghetto

    Hahaha! ya, not sure how this is a shock to anyone. Way to go with that 220/voucher program! See it’s making a difference already, helping thugs to expand their “business opportunities”.

    • tony

      thugs? i know both of these guys both student athletes and one is on honor roll. both of the kids whole families went to the high school and very involved in the community. do your research before you assume some young kids who havent had a chance to even start their lives yet are just typical thugs because of the recent trouble they got in to. oh and neither of them take the bus. FYI

  • kevin

    Just LEGALIZE the stuff like others have and this would be a non-issue! Go spend time and money takin real criminals off he street

  • John

    Great this trash out of our schools. You need to go to school where your ZIP code dictates. We work real fricken hard to buy houses out in Menomonee Falls.

    • tony

      one of the students recently moved from the suburbs of the falls. most likely in a bigger house than you… He grew up here so dont blame the “ghetto” on this one. he was raised where apparently you had to work really hard to get.. you can blame yourself for thinking like a moron

      • DJ

        When crime rates rise and property values decline the white libtards and cuckservarives will be the first take white flight when Menomonee falls starts looking like Milwaukee. The people make the community.

    • Jay

      dude racist why would u say that and i went to school in the falls most of the people selling in the falls are white and live in this community and btw they do live in this ZIP CODE

      • Barry

        I went to mfhs too and the people selling drugs are all black or dumb white kids who want to be black.

    • Jason

      I worked hard to buy a house in the Falls, it’s a shame that racist trash like yourself paints a horribly inaccurate image of Menomonee Falls. This is a great village that will not tolerate theft or racism. IMHO marijuana should be legal for adults, so as a homeowner in the Falls, I have no issue with it.

  • libtards hate me

    Glad my parents tought me the value of hard work. When I was a kid I would buy weed but never dumb enough to sell it. I made more money working on cars than all the wiggers and worthless blacks who sold drugs.

  • Barry McCockner

    But Jay.. I went to Menomonee Falls HS too, honestly the only white kids actually tried to sell drugs were wiggers who loved rap and got their product from black dealers in Milwaukee..just keeping it real for you delusional ones.

  • Mr. Anti-racist

    Jason I agree that Menomonee Falls is great. All of us anti racist whites need to stop arguing with our racist white neighbors and we should all buy a house on the northside of Milwaukee so we can prove to our new black neighbors how anti racist we are. I’m putting my house up for sale right now after I make drinks for my wife and her boyfriend Tyrone.

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