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UW-Wisconsin SAE chapter suspended over racist, bigoted slurs

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MADISON — University of Wisconsin administrators have suspended the Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter at the school’s flagship campus, saying members were found to have repeatedly used racist, homophobic and anti-Semitic slurs and ostracized a black student who tried to stop it.

The university’s Committee on Student Organizations banned the fraternity from all Greek activities through Nov. 1 and won’t allow it to recruit this fall.

University documents say a former fraternity member came forward with allegations about the slurs and accused a fraternity member of assaulting him. School officials say the fraternity member was disciplined as a result. The chapter had already been on probation for an unrelated incident of underage drinking.

SAE disbanded its University of Oklahoma chapter last year after video emerged showing members engaging in a racist chant. The fraternity Evanston, Illinois-based national leadership hired a director of diversity and inclusion months later.


  • Opinion8d

    Right…..and a black kid on campus never used the N word??? it’s okay for a black student to spray paint racial messages on campus without penalty??? What a lovely symbol of free speech and thinking Madison is.

  • Fed Up with Poor Reporting

    The People’s Republic of Madison, let me start by saying f*** off…. Opinionated has it right… anything a white person dos is under constant scrutiny and protest. I’m getting the hell out of this country soon, never planning to come back… why? Because the liberals have ruined it. What a bunch of pussies… and we wonder why… because we did too much hand holding with the last generation…. participation awards, everyone needs to feel good, etc. When did we decide as a country to cut off our own balls? Kids need to learn how to deal and cope with failure as much if not more than the elation of winning… but we took that away… to make them feel good about themselves… Darwinism works for a reason, and as we continue to approach the raising of our children in such a pathetic, limp wristed manner, we are doing nothing more than painting the landscape of our own demise, as a nation, and as a species.

    My father did not parachute out over the DMZ in Korea fighting Commies only to eventually have the lifestyle and country he loved turn into exactly what he was defending against. So if I’ve offended anyone with all of this… good… no where in the Constitution does it say that you have the right to not be offended… sadly, most kids in college nowadays have no idea what the Constitution is, let alone what it says. Chalk it up to Core Curriculum….

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