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“A whole different story:” New allegations say teen shoved by teacher’s aide plotted to have MPS sued

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MILWAUKEE -- There are new allegations in the case of a former Bay View High School teacher's aide seen shoving a student to the ground. A defense attorney says a new witness has come forward who saw teens plotting to lure the aide into a fight and film the whole thing.Bay View fight

The attorney for Jasmine Pennix says he was lured into the fight and now has the witness to prove it. Meanwhile, FOX6 News has learned the same teen involved, was arrested in connection to an auto dealership theft.

It's the video that went viral -- a former Bay View High School teacher's aide seen shoving a 14-year-old student to the ground.

39-year-old Jasmine Pennix was fired by Milwaukee Public Schools, and has been charged with physical abuse of a child.

Jasmine Pennix

Jasmine Pennix

Friday, new allegations from the Pennix's attorney. They claim they have a new witness who can prove not only was the fight premeditated by a group of teens, so was the video.

"The verbiage they used which is indicated in the pleadings is that they were going to do this and then they were going to sue MPS and make a lot of money," said Steven Kohn, attorney.

In court documents filed Friday by defense attorney Steven Kohn, the witness passed a group of teens they day before the incident. He heard one say, "I will get in his face, and you get ready to video it. Once that happens we can sue MPS and get rid of him."

Bay View fight2

"I think we'll be able to show it was more than just words. And I think if we get into the prior acts of this person who is referred to as the victim in this case, if we get into prior acts what he's been up to, this case is going to take on a whole different story," said Kohn.

FOX6 News has confirmed the 14-year-old was arrested Monday, for breaking into a car dealership and stealing cars with other teens.

Just days before the Bay View High School incident, the teen was given probation for attacking a man with an ice chunk in attacked in january

Even with the teen's criminal record, should the former teacher's aide been allowed to do this? That is now up for a court to decide.

The defense attorney filed paperwork in the hopes of getting his client off of a pretrial monitoring program. He says his client is a good citizen and doesn't need supervision.

FOX6 News asked the District Attorney's office if they thought this new witness was credible or would effect their case. They say all of their responses will be made in the courtroom next month.


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  • Shayla

    Why the heck was this kid not in a detention center?! He’s a serious danger to our community. Tory Lowe went to bat for this kid when this went down. Everyone was trying to tell him that this kids was bad news, but he just wouldn’t hear it. Completely lost my respect as a “community leader”.

    • Breonte Johnson

      Cause Tory Lowe only cares about things that made the media or white on black crime I been sensed that a long time ago when he was doing protest with racial profiling and not black on black crime smh we need better community leaders that actually cares about the community and wanna make change smh

  • .

    This kid will be in and out of prison his whole life so just lock him up now for life and probably save some lives and property.

  • Games kids play

    This kid is going to kill someone and be a homicide victim. It’s only a matter of time.

  • It's The Tarver Yall

    One of the number one issues behind the continued degeneration of our youth is uninvolved or negative adults. This kid didn’t come out of the womb like this. There were adults all along the way, either encouraging his behavior or looking thr other way. Let’s start putting them out there, and holding them accountable too. Specifically, Charity Tarver and Nick Tarver should be reviewed for continually encouraging negative behavior, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor, including GD gang affiliation. I believe they were also among the family members who went on social media and flaunted that he would be violent again. Pastor Kenneth Tarver of Redeeming Faith Ministries on Capitol appears to have intentionally ignored his grandson’s obvious threat to thr community. He is a Facebook friend of the kid, and has actively “liked” some of.his nicer posts…but turned a blind eye to the ones with direct and obvious gang allegiance, and the ones in which the felon minor is clearly illegally in possession of guns (even after the Bay View incident). Let’s tart putting some of these adults in thr spotlight when thr kid himself can’t be named.

  • Gary Hamilton

    The liberal society we live in will still place blame on the teacher’s aide and nobody will care about him after a short while. The fourteen year old will be arrested for murder one day. Tom Barrett and Chief Flynn will continue as Mayor and Police Chief. Milwaukee will continue to be ranked in the top ten most violent cities in America. End of story, thank you liberals!

  • Tarver truth

    Don’t let this story fool you. The student was arrested and released. He just posted 2 hours ago on facebook. His post was a complaint that someone woke him up by calling him to purchase drugs. He said he was going to slap her when she got there to buy them.

  • Dylan

    John shame on you…I can’t even say what I and many others think of you…maybe you should be a foster parent.for these poor innocent boys….you are shameful

  • bob

    people get bullied because of people like John. I love how kids can be charged as adults but when things get tough they are just a kid

  • chris

    Case dismissed. Thug and his family wanted to play the ghetto lottery. Now the punks in custody for stealing cars from a car dealership. Go straight to jail and reinstate the teachers aide.

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