From heartbreak to hope: FOX6 viewers step up for couple who lost wedding dress, tux in fire

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MILWAUKEE -- FOX6 viewers have stepped up after a couple lost everything after their home caught fire on Thursday, May 19th near 34th and St. Paul. They've been together for 11 years, and plan to get married in June. Unfortunately, her dress, his tux and their rings were inside the burning home -- and only the rings were saved.

On Thursday afternoon, Janee Robinson and Dennis Taylor stood in the ashes of their home, and realized what they had lost.

Janee Robinson and Dennis Taylor

Janee Robinson and Dennis Taylor

"Everything," Taylor said.

On Monday, May 23rd, Robinson's tears of frustration were replaced by tears of joy and gratitude.

"Oh God," Robinson said as FOX6 viewers overwhelmed this couple with their generosity. "I'm trying to keep myself together."

Robinson, who lost her wedding dress in the fire, now has two new dresses to choose from -- donated by viewers who saw their story on FOX6 -- total and complete strangers.

Janee Robinson

Janee Robinson

"This is better than my original dress!" Robinson said. "I love it, and I'm so thankful."

Taylor, Robinson's husband-to-be, who lost his tuxedo, received a new tux that has never been worn.

Dennis Taylor receives tux from Jessie Hinds

Dennis Taylor receives tux from Jessie Hinds

"Thank you Jessie," Taylor said.

"I seen what's going on with their situation and I decided it would be better giving it to him," Jessie Hinds said.

The couple has also received countless offers from those looking to help them decorate for their big day -- offering things like vases, centerpieces and tulle.

In exchange for every donation, the couple offered an invitation to the wedding, set for June 10th.

Janee Robinson overwhelmed by FOX6 viewers' generosity

Janee Robinson overwhelmed by FOX6 viewers' generosity

"I feel like it's the least that I can do," Robinson said.

Robinson and Taylor said the outpouring of support has been staggering. As of Monday, they had received more than they need, and had to turn some offers down.

"It's unbelievable. How do you say no? I'm thankful but I also don't want to take more than we need," Robinson said.

Most importantly in this case, Robinson and Taylor's heartbreak has been replaced with hope.

Janee Robinson and Dennis Taylor

Janee Robinson and Dennis Taylor

"The emotional support and love that I feel from everybody is just overwhelming," Robinson said.


A firefighter was able to pull the couple's rings out from the rubble after the fire.

They are planning an outdoor wedding -- and even extended an invitation to FOX6 News.

As for that duplex fire, 31-year-old Jermaine House is now charged with one count of arson for allegedly setting the fire.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the allegations against House.

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