Gov. Walker’s presidential campaign debt repayment slows in April; $900,000 debt remains

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Gov. Scott Walker

MILWAUKEE — Gov. Scott Walker’s failed presidential campaign remains nearly $900,000 in a debt eight months after he abandoned his White House bid, according to the most recent federal filing.

Walker’s campaign took in $70,930 in April, down from $127,649 a month earlier. Walker has been renting his donor list to other candidates, but that source of income shrank in April.

Walker has said he wants to repay the debt by the end of 2016 and turn his attention to deciding whether to run for a third term as governor in 2018. However, at April’s pace, it would take Walker into 2017 to retire the debt.


  • unicorns and rainbows

    Thank you Theo Keith for your monthly “I can’t stand this governor” attack piece. You must be absolutely flabbergasted on who your voting for in November, the criminal or the commie.

  • guest73

    No worries, our fine state legislature will pull some strings to make this disappear. Then he’ll be free to make his big 2018 decision. So once again, Scottie screws the people of Wisconsin.

  • Jim

    He just sold his house in Wauwatosa recently, but he has refused to use that money to help pay down HIS DEBT , We all have to pay our debits, he should have to do the same , and not ask public for donations. Then I believe he should prove how honest he is and take a polygraph test to prove he has not LIED or MISLEAD the public in any way. Lets have all our politicians take this test…..But they will not.. So come on Gov Walker step up to the plate and be the first

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