Woman’s vehicle stolen with her one-month-old baby inside: “He slept through it – luckily”

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MILWAUKEE -- Alderman Mark Borkowski on Monday, May 23rd issued a statement regarding an incident that happened in his aldermanic district on Monday morning. Milwaukee police say around 6:35 a.m. near 66th Montana Street on Milwaukee's south side, a woman's vehicle was struck by a vehicle with two suspects inside -- in what Alderman Borkowski says was a "bump and run" carjacking. Her baby was still inside.

"I just was screaming 'don`t take my baby!'" the victim told FOX6 News.

66th and Montana

It was early on Monday morning. The Milwaukee mother, who did not want to be identified by FOX6 News, had just dropped her older son off at camp and was heading home.

"A car pulled up behind me and was pretty fast. Next thing I know, they tapped my bumper," the victim said.

The woman said two suspects in their late teens pushed her out of the way and got into her 2009 Audi, when she stepped out to check the damage.

Carjacking victim

She told FOX6 News she wasn't worried about her vehicle, but she was terrified for her one-month-old son, who was still inside.

Carjacking victim

"I actually grabbed onto the car -- the door handle. I have a little bit of road-rash on my knee and hip right now," the victim said.

A block away, the suspects opened the car door and put the baby down in some grass -- and then took off in the woman's vehicle.

"He slept through it. Luckily," the victim said.

Alderman Mark Borkowski

Alderman Mark Borkowski

Alderman Mark Borkowski says this happened in his aldermanic district. He says someone else has been asleep as thieves continue to contribute to Milwaukee's car theft crisis.

"Judges who are handing out lenient sentences so there are no consequence -- they should be shamed," Borkowski said.

Borkowski says it leads to too many repeat offenders who think they can get away with it. He said he is also putting Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn on notice until something is done to curb these crimes.

The statistics are astonishing.

"Last year, roughly 7,400 cars were taken from their owners...an average of 20 cars per day. Think about it. Every day -- 20 carjackings," Borkowski said.

Flynn was unavailable for comment Monday night. A Milwaukee Police Department spokesman said 83 juveniles and 186 adults have been arrested since the department's "Carjacking Task Force was created in December 2015.

MPD Assistant Chief James Harpole said MPD continues to work with the courts to push for stricter punishments.

No arrests have been made in this case.

Officials say if you are ever involved a "bump and run" accident like this -- you SHOULD NOT get out of your car, and instead, call police.


  • Respect

    This is so sad, when i was little my mom never even locked the doors on our house at night, i used to get to play after dark, and never had problems. I am only 50 years old. This is just disgusting. And these thugs are going to run our next generation. Move out now while you’re still alive,so sad.

    • EugenePWynne

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  • amerie

    I am moving in a matter of WEEKS and it aint soon enough I freakin hate this place and will be leaving with my finger in the air it is absolutely ridiculous that you can’t even go to work without being afraid of something like this happening, Too bad the mama who was car jacked wasn’t packin

  • Klaatu

    I strongly encourage all law abiding citizens to get educated, get proper training, and get a CCW permit……. Once you have done that, go get yourself an equalizer and just say NO to the next sewer roach that assumes you’re and easy target. When they start dropping like bugs on a RAID commercial maybe they’ll think twice about choosing a life of crime. Right now these punks just laugh all the way down the courthouse steps after they received a scolding and probation from the judge………….

  • Fed Up with Poor Reporting

    This falls on the DA and the judges in Milwaukee County… the police are making arrests, charges are being brought, then plead down to lesser charges. These kids aren’t stupid, they know they’ll get slapped on the wrist, and be right back out to do it again, it’s a vicious circle.

    • Mike

      Also falls on the liberals who give these people our hard earned dollars, and the parents who would rather sit on the porch drinking than actually raise the “poor babies” they only care about when its time to either file a lawsuit against the police or fall down the ground screaming when their child gets gunned down by another poorly raised hood rat

  • Clinton

    As usual the spineless, jellyfish weasel cowardly flynn is missing in action and has no plan for addressing the problem. He is too busy polishing mayor mccheese’s boots. What a despicable excuse for a human being he is.

  • S

    You are an idiot! As of these thugs have legal guns and concealed carry permits!!! So punish law abiding responsible citizens and take away their right to protect themselves when these rejects will continue to thumb their nose at the laws and continue to have their illegal weapons. I am tired of working hard my whole life to to take care of myself and earns the things I want in life and not expect others to support me. My family struggled to make ends meet and lived in an area with limited opportunities but we were raised to work hard, take responsibility for our actions, and not to expect handouts. It’s time the black inner city slime to stop blaming others, stop being lazy and start to take some ownership for their own success and stop living the life of entitlement and disregard for laws.

  • Opinion8d

    Why not call out the Mayor on this?!?!? Barrett got up in public and basically said that he understands kids stealing cars, and there’s really nothing wrong until around the 3rd offense!!! Where is the outrage against Mayor Barrett??? People should be marching and calling for his resignation!!

  • Loserville

    So who is going to go into the hood and confiscate the tons of illegal guns from these animals? In your liberal fantasy world are you and your group of volunteers going to walk around the inner city and ask nicely for the monsters to turn in their weapons and set up drop off collection centers? How is that going to be accomplished? Get your head out of your butt.

  • dylan

    the suspects should be charged with kidnapping!!!!!! and child endangerment and no excuses!!!!

  • Milly

    It’s time to bring back the hanging judge with attack ready motorcycle cops. Start making car jacking a crime punished by hanging. I believe you would see the numbers drop exponentially.

  • Mike

    It ain’t white people committing 90% of the crime in this city…..including this carjacking. Just sayin.

  • You Know Who You Are

    Hey Babygurl, mmmmmmmm hmmmmmmmm. Don’t you agree that these darkies are ruining Milwaukee?

  • Mayor McTrolley and Chief Wiggum are useless!!!

    Let me guess,Hood Rat criminals AGAIN?? Their lives matter you know!!


    83 juveniles and 186 adults, how many are in jail today, that’s the real ?

  • Tired of the BS

    Don’t be so hard on these poor kids. I’m sure it’s only their first, or maybe second carjacking. Mayor McTrolley doesn’t see cause for concern until at least the third offense. Smh.

  • Opinion8d

    said the black gurl who probably refers to her friends, family and others in the community as such, but when others use it, somehow that makes it racist??? SMH!

  • jessica

    yea…call the police and then what? In that same neighborhood a friend of mine had her car stolen and the cops didn’t show up f like 5-6 hours. Too busy getting donuts. You would sit there waiting for cops and get killed waiting. These cops are not for us.

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