Parents seek justice after babysitter accused of beating child dodges charges

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SHERWOOD, Oregon -- An Oregon couple frustrated with the legal system is using social media to expose their babysitter's alleged child abuse.

On Friday, May 20th, Alicia Quinney and Joshua Marbury posted a picture of their badly-bruised son, Jacob, on Facebook. They say they took it after coming home to find the child on the floor crying, and his babysitter asleep on the couch.

"The first thing I saw was Jacob's black eye," said Quinney. "And I was like, 'oh my gosh, what happened?' And he turned over and the whole side of his face was black and blue."

Quinney and Marbury said they took their son to the hospital after the incident, where doctors and social workers took pictures, documenting the injuries. They also filed a police report. A spokesman with the Sherwood Police Department said the case was under investigation, and in the hands of the Washington County district attorney.

More than two months after the incident, however, police haven't made any arrests.

"I saw the evidence and what the doctors told me and showed me, of a hand print on his face," said Marbury. "There's no denying what he did."

Marbury and Quinney said the prosecutor on the case told them there isn't currently enough evidence to bring charges against the suspect.

No one with the Washington County District Attorney's Office was available for comment on Sunday, May 22nd.

Another Oregon prosecutor, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said child abuse cases are often very difficult to prosecute, because of the way Oregon law is written. State statute requires a prosecutor to prove beyond a reasonable doubt there substantial pain and serious physical injury to the child, and when there is no witness to the act and the child is too young to say he or she was in pain, the burden of proof is high.

Quinney and Marbury said they will continue to fight for a conviction.


  • walloffthenorthside

    Find a crackhead, give them a gun and tell them once “the problem” is taken care of pay him a 1000 for his troubles. Sometimes you gotta bypass our joke of a justice system.

  • Barry McCockner

    So when a white cop gives Kyleef the armed robber suspect a black eye, that cop gets chargedwith police brutality and is demonized by liberal media..but when a careless pos gives an innocent white baby a black eye, the liberal media won’t even release the perpatrators identity and there truely is no justice. Where is this babie’s white privilege? White privaledge is lie that non white losers use to cope with the fact that they or someone they love sucks at life.

  • Acknowledge Truth

    Just goes to show the justice system fails anybody no matter what ethnicity they are. But maybe the baby sitter was a famous NFL player or Rothschild bankster relative or just super rich. How else can someone get away with such a crime?

  • Greg

    Everyone needs. To call the Governors office and demand justice for this child. Here’s the info you need to contact the office.

    Office of Governor Kate Brown
    State Capitol, Room 160
    900 Court St. N.
    Salem, OR 97301
    Phone: 503/378-4582
    Fax: 503/378-8970
    Governor’s website

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