Recognize them? Police seek three suspects in burglary of Guaranty Bank

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MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee police need your help identifying three suspects wanted in connection with a burglary that happened inside the Guaranty Bank located near W. Appleton Avenue and W. Grantosa Drive.

It happened around 12:15 a.m. on May 13th.

Police say the three suspects broke into the bank by throwing a chunk of concrete at a glass window.

The suspects then used screwdrivers to pry open teller drawers and stole money before they fled on foot.

If you have any information that could help police in this case — you are asked to call policeĀ at 414-935-7360.


  • Drm

    What a surprise……African American. If I was a law abiding working black in Milwaukee supporting myself and my own family, I would be angry at these losers that day after day keep proving that black lives don’t really matter.

    • anyonebuthillary

      So What…When they catch the Idiots they will be released on $500.00 bail and let out to do it again!!!!!!!

  • GB

    Where was the security guy? Most likely on his phone playing games and not paying attention like he always is when I’m at this branch.

  • truth hurts

    Are they just that stupid to do it without gloves and on camera or do they miss their homies and prisonsex.

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