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“Above and beyond:” Bus driver impresses, taking time to help woman in wheelchair

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MILWAUKEE -- A Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) bus driver is getting kudos for her recent actions -- from people who saw it happen and beyond.

"This lady, badge number 138, can't say it enough, above and beyond community service," said John Bischoff.

Shari Carroll

Shari Carroll

Bischoff saw the impact of bus driver Shari Carroll last Thursday, May 19th.

"I had a passenger on my bus and she was kind of bummed out. She was trying to get to the game. And she had missed the Route 90," Carroll said.

The passenger, who uses a motorized wheelchair, got off Carroll's bus, but did not get far. It appears her chair's transmission locked up.


"She was just stuck. Actually two of her wheels were on the curb and two of them was in the street. She couldn't move and she couldn't back up. She couldn't do anything," Carroll said.

The woman had stopped in a dangerous spot near Wisconsin Humane Society -- where traffic turns to get onto the freeway.

Shari Carroll

Shari Carroll

"My instincts kicked in and I was like, 'well, I got to get her out of the street at least.' So I was just glad I there to help," Carroll said.

Bischoff and a friend saw what was happening and stopped to help.

"She just stopped and went so out of her way knowing that she had 40 or 50 riders on her bus to get somewhere on time," Bischoff said. "She stopped and said, 'OK, this is more important' -- and she just jumped in. She was down on her hands and knees trying to get this lady's transmission unlocked and I thought this is too cool."

"I didn't want anyone to come around my bus, especially doing an illegal turn in front of me and striking her," Carroll said.

Shari Carroll

Shari Carroll

The men got the motorized wheelchair running again.

Bischoff tipped off FOX6 News about this story. He says he and the other riders were impressed with Carroll.

Carroll said she's surprised by the attention, but grateful.

As for the passenger that was helped, she was able to continue on to Miller Park in her motorized wheelchair.



  • imcrazy

    With all the bad publicity of black people I thinks it’s commendable we have a black woman who has a job and helps someone in need. Her life matters !!

  • Micki

    Kudos Ms. Carroll. I wish she was driving the UBus from UWM during exam week. The driver had a NOT IN SERVICE sign and failed to pull over @ the assigned stop. This caused me to wait for seventy minutes. Perhaps Ms. Carroll should mentor her.

  • carol wagner

    very nice i wish the bus driver did that when i rode the bus. He took off before i sat down and i fell on the floor and broke 3 ribs. i have balance issues. now i have back problems. alot of bus drivers do not wait for you to sit down unless youy have a walker or cane. HOW SAD

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