Video: Clerk bloodied in liquor store robbery in Greenfield: “For liquor? Come on now, ridiculous”

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GREENFIELD -- Greenfield police are investigating the robbery of a liquor store at the corner of 43rd and Howard on Tuesday afternoon, May 24th that left the store clerk injured. This may not be the first time the suspects involved have targeted this store.

"This shouldn`t happen to anybody. This is ridiculous," a witness said.

It happened around 4:30 p.m. at Jen's Beverage Center.

Jen's Beverage Center

Jen's Beverage Center

Police say the suspects in this case were four black males, one who served as the driver.

A witness tells FOX6 News her car was blocked in by a van that had four men inside. Three of those men apparently ran into the store -- and the witness says she could hear them stealing bottles inside.

"I was approaching the door and I heard all this bottle breaking and yelling," the witness said.

Jen's Beverage Center

Jen's Beverage Center

The witness said she hid behind her truck until the suspect vehicle squealed out of the lot.

"They said 'go, go, go, go. Let`s go. Let`s go,'" the witness said.

The clerk came out of the store after the men left -- and he had a large gash on his head. Police say he was struck in the head with a liquor bottle.

"For liquor? Come on now," the witness said.

He was trying to call 911 when the witness said she told him to sit down, and she called instead.

Jen's Beverage Center

Jen's Beverage Center

"I could tell he was out of sorts. I ran to my truck and got a shirt and put pressure on the wound," the witness said.

No weapon was displayed.

The clerk indicated he recognized the suspects from a previous robbery.

Jen's Beverage Center

Jen's Beverage Center

"They were in here last week and did the same thing -- they stole -- but I don`t think they went as far as this, injuring the man," the witness said.

Family members of the store owner told FOX6 News in that incident, the suspects stole hundreds of dollars worth of liquor from the store.


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