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“Operation Smackdown:” 17 arrested over a two-day period as warrants executed in Kenosha Co.

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KENOSHA COUNTY — Officials with the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department say 17 people were arrested Thursday, May 19th and Friday, May 20th as search warrants were executed in connection with “Operation Smackdown.”

Six search warrants and 15 arrest warrants were served over the two-day period in Kenosha County.

17 out of 25 wanted individuals were located and taken to the Kenosha County Jail.

The following was seized during the two-day roundup:

  • 262.43 grams of cocaine
  • 10 grams of heroin
  • 1,225.82 grams of marijuana
  • 77.4 grams of THC – wax
  • 4.1 grams of mushrooms
  • Seven firearms (one stolen)

“Operation Smackdown” began on March 21st and ended on May 20th.

39 people were arrested in Kenosha County during the month-long “Operation Smackdown” initiative. 142 charges were issued against those 39 defendants.

The following items were seized in Kenosha County during the month-long initiative:

  • 527.06 grams of cocaine
  • 77.05 grams of heroin
  • 1,407.22 grams of marijuana
  • 4.1 grams of mushrooms
  • 83.40 grams of THC – wax
  • 30 Adderall pills
  • 11 Alprazolam pills
  • 22 Hydrocodone pills
  • 15 Morphine pills
  • 77 Oxycodone pills
  • 30 OxyContin pills
  • Two Tapentadol pills
  • 53 Xanax pills
  • Seven firearms
  • Four vehicles
  • $40,152 in U.S. currency

According to the Sheriff’s Department, the operation consisted of multiple law enforcement agencies including drug units, Sheriff’s departments, and police departments in southeastern Wisconsin, working together to significantly disrupt heroin and opiate sales.

In addition, violent drug traffickers and gang members were targeted.

Sheriff’s officials say the goal of the operation was to coordinate numerous arrests over multiple geographical areas to impede the sale of heroin and opiates, reduce heroin overdose deaths, and reduce the violence associated with drug trafficking.

Officials say each of the arrests made will not only affect the dealer, but will send waves to dealer’s customers and the dealer’s suppliers.  The arrests were made, in a coordinated effort in numerous locations, to create a significant blow to the heroin and opiate trade in the region.

There have been more than 250 felony charges filed against 39 defendants in connection with “Operation Smackdown” — mainly consisting of delivery of controlled substances, possession with intent to deliver controlled substances, and felon in possession of firearm.

The following agencies participated in “Operation Smackdown:”

Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

Kenosha County Sheriff/Kenosha Drug Operations Group

Racine County Metro Drug Unit

Walworth County Sheriff

Waukesha County MEG

Washington County Sheriff

Ozaukee County Sheriff/Ozaukee County Anti-Drug Task Force

Kenosha PD

West Allis PD

Oak Creek PD

Waukesha PD

Greenfield PD

Wauwatosa PD

Milwaukee PD

Racine PD


  • Klaatu

    Looks to me like the courts will be tied up for quite some time making plea deals………..I predict next to nothing for sentences after the deals are done. Too bad the Cops’ efforts seem to be in vain…….yup, you guessed it – I have no confidence in the system these days. The system only works if you’re the criminal.

  • Barry McCockner

    The top two drugs can be easily eliminated for the most part by simply enforcing our immigration laws…Building a wall might be a wise investment unless your a criminal, than its a bad idea.

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